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Found 10 results

  1. If anyone have Agfa D-Lab 1 operating System let me know....Tnx
  2. I have problem with my dlab 1 PE:Error expos. comm. betw image process + print engine and after that error PE: Data communication error with MZ Controller (MZ) Plz help if you can.
  3. Help, we have dirt on the pictures. The stripes are on all pictures and can be wiped off with glass cleaner. We have already cleaned the lab several times and also changed the chemistry several times. Can someone help us?
  4. I need help. I want to do manually the docking start but i get Malfunction of the CD water valve error and don't know what to do. Can somebody Help me!!!
  5. agfa

    Laser unit for Agfa

    Hello, Does anyone know where in Europe can I buy CM+98060LU301 Gas Laser (refurbished – used chassis, new tube) for d-lab2?
  6. Hi guys, I have decided to replace my working dlab2 (gas laser) with a drylab. Unfortunately the cost of running/maintaining the beast is now not viable. The result is that I will be removing loads of parts from it next week that I will be selling. I am not listing specifics here, but if you require anything please call me on 01299 827813 or email on stourport.photo@btconnect.com Prices can be discussed. Cheers Richard
  7. Guest

    DLB1 PC connection troubleshooting

    Hey guys.. We got an AGFA dlab1 at work and it used to work perfectly till we decided to change our hardware on the source pc I installed ssds instead of the hdds we had and now the dlab wont sync to the hotfolder on the desktop.I checked network issues-settings the dlab is properly connected but i probably am missing something...in machine settings everything looks good computer name(ip) hotfolder name etc etc..but as I am new here and I didnt get the chance to see the installation process i would like to new if there is some software I should install on the desktop to make it sync with it or if I should delete some kind of file that still has the old values set(before the ssds were installed) thanx guyz
  8. Hi. Can anyone help networking 2 Agfa Imageboxes to one Dlab. Current setup: All items are networked through the same hub. (2 x Imgeboxes, 1 x PC, 1 x Dlab) IP Address on both Imageboxes are (I presume I'll have to change at least one of these) Thanks in advance! Louis
  9. Hi All, Need some help with my Agfa FP210 film processing unit (yes, i'm still doing good business on film processing!). I'm currently getting blue banding on all the film that i process, I've processed film on both sides and at the same time with the same end results. Banding can not be seen on the negatives but when processed you can see a faint blue band top middle and bottom on the photos. Would really welcome some advise, could it be down to a high silver content in the bleach, contamination, or low CD levels? Blue Bands.pdf
  10. Agfa D-lab.2 Service in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman - Repair old power supplies in cheap prices - Replacement Local Power supplies- tested on d-lab.2 in Saudi Arabia - Adjustment fiber and fix FLR problems - Software installations - Adjusting AOMs with service cables - Fix all kind of problems - Experience 11 years with Agfa d-lab.2 service Our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/AgfaDLabTechnician Saud Sher Mohammad for contact : +966 533982499 Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia www.dms-ksa.com
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