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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, i have a frontier 370 my P2 keeps going bad and i have no idea what is causing it. The only thing i can think of is not enough productivity(Prints). I am wondering if there is any other reason that can potentially be causing this, perhaps something in the settings? The yellow on my upkeep goes from a nice bright yellow to a mustard color in less than two months. i have done the pump output measurements and input the proper numbers. the pumps seem to work because it does pump chemistry out. I cant think of anything else. any advise, Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello everyone I'm super new to working with a v30 and I have a lot of questions because I can't seem to find the specifics in the manual... I found the amount of liters the replenisher tanks hold(thanks to this forum lol) but I'm confused on what and how much to put in the chemical filters in the subtank area. Also how much to put into the processing tanks themselves or does the replenisher tank automatically give the processing tank the chemicals? Draining the waste is another thing I'm confused on as well Any advice or tips y'all could give me I'd greatly appreciate! I'm in desperate need of a minilab mentor lol
  3. Is it possible to use regular or Champion or Cpaq RA4 chemistry in a DKS 1710? I have read of people using the LORR concentrate, but I am a mid to low volume lab so I thought LORR might not be appropriate. Thanks, Todd
  4. hello, I've recently bought a noritsu 3202 ra-4, managed to connect all the cables and everything else , but I dont know how to start with the chemistry. I've got a tetenal starter kit consisting of : ra-4 cd-s 2000 ( art no 103354) ra-4 bx-s sp (art no 103335) and also tetenal ra-4 bx-vr sp (237014) 2l tetenal ra4 stab-wl (225022) tetenal ra-4 cd-slr sp80 (237029) 1l Is this enough to make the chemistry for the minilab or should I buy other type of chemicals ? Any idea how to find out the mixing guide for the starter processing solution and for the replenishing tanks ? I know that there's a mixture that I need to put in the working tanks and another that should go into the replenishing tanks ( hope this is correct). Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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