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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, So I've noticed that even after doing Negative Slope Correction using my calibration negatives. When scanning film, the noritsu software will still compensate colour correction. Ie. if there is an image with lots of RED, it will add quite a lot of CYAN, which I then need to reduce to bring back to normal. I am wondering if it is at all possible to turn off Auto colour correction and just have the software start with the slope data they I have entered. I am using a Noritsu 3502, latest software, S3 scanner. Thanks,
  2. helo, I have problem with color on QSS 3202 when I do daily setup at 6:00 , and next emulsion test 6:15 Y 0 M-0,3 C0 D0 , next test 8:35 Y+0,6 M+0,9 c0 D0, next test 11:17 Y+0,7 M +0,7 C0 D0 swap AOM driver and result is the same Have you ever encountered something similar ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking to run the SP3000 with a PIC in the most streamlined way possible in a production environment (~100-400 rolls a week). How do you guys manage large client operations like this? what's your workflow? what's the best software combo? How do I access the advanced color options that are grayed out (gradation/bright, etc)? what's the advantage of the B7 / B9 "professional" software ? how do you get it to account for different light conditions on the same roll (how do I make cloudy, fluorescent, sunny, and tungston light all come out neutral balance on the same roll without manually correcting each frame? How do I quickly apply manual color settings from the previous frame to the current one? Any help appreciated!
  4. We have a SP-3000 scanner running in standalone mode at our lab. But the output does not match what we see on the screen. We have searched for software that works with windows 2000, and have only seen that Pantone Huey will work. So we bought a Huey Pro and it does nothing. We see no changes at all. How do we go about calibrating the monitor properly on such an old system?
  5. Hi Guys, After I finish color calibration for my Kodak LED 20P Gen II, it then print normally. But after it prints for about 10 times, the color starts to go either blue/yellow. After that I should re-calibrate it again, and the problem continuously occurred after approximately 10 times of printing. Anyone experienced this? How can I fix this? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks, Jacky
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