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Found 6 results

  1. If anyone have Agfa D-Lab 1 operating System let me know....Tnx
  2. I have problem with my dlab 1 PE:Error expos. comm. betw image process + print engine and after that error PE: Data communication error with MZ Controller (MZ) Plz help if you can.
  3. Help, we have dirt on the pictures. The stripes are on all pictures and can be wiped off with glass cleaner. We have already cleaned the lab several times and also changed the chemistry several times. Can someone help us?
  4. Hello please help .i have a d-lab1 licence key cd .but how can i activate licene key? so i can use fileprint button
  5. Guest

    DLB1 PC connection troubleshooting

    Hey guys.. We got an AGFA dlab1 at work and it used to work perfectly till we decided to change our hardware on the source pc I installed ssds instead of the hdds we had and now the dlab wont sync to the hotfolder on the desktop.I checked network issues-settings the dlab is properly connected but i probably am missing something...in machine settings everything looks good computer name(ip) hotfolder name etc etc..but as I am new here and I didnt get the chance to see the installation process i would like to new if there is some software I should install on the desktop to make it sync with it or if I should delete some kind of file that still has the old values set(before the ssds were installed) thanx guyz
  6. Our dlab1 got problem, MPU can't connect to IPU and printer. There is error on MPU display : Internal error ERROR EXTERNAL IP NOT RUNNING detected (see attachment) I already check : - LAN connection cable - Network card on IPU and MPU - manually turn on IPU All above mentioned was working normally. Can you help us for this matter? Thanks and regards,
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