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Found 5 results

  1. I would need the konica R2 negative scanner drivers, in the device manager it indicates the following device. Mu Si os Windows XP , Can someone share them with me, I would be very grateful, Thank you
  2. Fujifilm does not supply driver for the DE100. I have ordered them by a German Company. Version: (4-4-2019) I'd like to know what version is most recent and a place where I can download most recent drivers. Anyone who can help me? Also Firmware Fujifilm DX100, as far as I know, most recent version is CP417J5 (driver version thanks in forward!
  3. Hi all, Found this forum through some searching. Hope someone can help! I recently purchased an LS-600 scanner with software from AAA Imaging. Would like to use it as a standalone with current version of Photoshop. I run Windows 10 32-bit. Installed the included TWAIN drivers and Scanner Software. Also downloaded and installed current TWAIN drivers from Adobe site and inserted into PS plug-ins folder. My problem is that the LS-600 software does not recognize the scanner. "Connect the scanner unit" Error 01322 is what I am getting. Can someone please advise as to what I could do? If more information is needed, please ask and I will provide as much as I can. Much respect and thanks!
  4. First time I have contact whit "photo booth" Noritsu Koki CT-EU CT-EU customer terminal Main question is where to get info of what touchscreen hase Noritsu CT-EU? where to get support?    - how to make calibration in windows?    - How much wurt? (it's from 2008..but from his heavines I think is not so practical...But for mini labs maybe necessary (what is real price? 50 euro?)       - Is Lucidiom company that makes a softwer for Noritsu Koki CT-EU CT-EU   http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aTxDGux7.Z00  
  5. Hello. I have a QSS 3201 and I am trying to upgrade the pc with a new cpu (I5), new motherboard and windows7 , I am stack with the installation of the PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB. When I istall the QSS program (ver.9) I see that the noritsu driver of the Archnet pcb is not istalled. Is there a way to make it work or a specific driver for win 7?
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