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  1. Can some one help me please
  2. Hi everyone. Is it possible use one MS01 to make orders for two LP2000 (using the scanners) without a FMPC?
  3. I have a problem with a Fujifilm LP-5000 DM printer where the printer leaves a white stripe on the first print of every job. This doesn't happen when I replace the magazine and the printer prints out a 89mm precut paper. Also this doesn't happen when the printer can print many orders in a row from the same paper without stopping. With the white stripe the whole first print is that much longer than the rest after it. I heard we have had this problem earlier and it was fixed but now that we updated the computer to win10 it does it again. The fixer doesn't remember how it was done back then. Can anyone help?
  4. I’m Having this Error While Machine is Turned On Sorter Light is Blinking But Machine Didn’t Initialise Or Connect to Computer kindly Help Me ASAP
  5. When printing using the Frontier 570, the papers jam in the head and dryer section. The rollers suddenly stop spinning and make a noise, like they are forcing or something. There's no gears broken, it has been verifed over and over. Many have been changed too. If the cover of the drying section is removed, the rollers of the head seem to spin more easily, but if i touch the black rollers where the paper get out, pressing them to slightly make a resistance, those rollers stop spinning and it make a loud jammed noise. It seem that using sillicone spray on the plastic parts where the shaft of the rollers are supported help for a bit, but the problem come back. My assumption is that something somewhere is old (the machine have 10 years) and create a resistance on the rollers. When paper have to be moved, it is simply too much for the motor whole head and dryer unit. Anyone experimented the same problem, and could pin point me to a solution?
  6. Hi minilab community, I got a frontier 550 and i can use a computer with Win7, WinXP and Win2k but I don't really know where to find out all software that I need to install. I need probably MS01 (but i don't know the version). Does anyone know where I can find the software + installation documentation that i need ? My email is : acf75019 @ yahoo fr (please remove space and add a dot between yahoo and fr) Thanks in advance for your response. Bernard
  7. Hello, I have a well used Fuji Frontier 375 that is making the white un-imaged (blank) parts of the photo paper turn out with a yellow tint / cast. P1, P2, PS drained, cleaned and replaced, Filters replaced. Once chem was replace it was printing white as white again = all good, but over 12 hours of use the yellow tint returned and also black on daily condition test print have now a blue shade. Machine uses Tetnal CP48 replenishers
  8. Hi! When scanning, we noticed a problem in the form of pixel lines in the photographs. We tried Gray Pixel Detect but error E-4750 appears there. We even moved to another carcass with a different matrix and lens Toshiba and Image Processing Section, but the error remained the same, and these lines still appear from time to time.
  9. I own a fujifilm Frontier 500 minilab. I’ve been having trouble with “order-it” list. When I send pictures from kiosk to the printer, I can’t open list view.I tried clicking on it 100 times. I’ve attached pictures. I don’t know if the hard disk that the program is installed is old, and is getting broken, or there is something else. Also, when I print directly from the usb, it takes TOO MUCH time to load the pictures. I didn’t take that much time 5-6 months ago. I have a cloned harddisk with the program that need to run for printing just in case. Does anyone have any idea how can I fix the problem? Thank you.
  10. Hi! Does anybody try to convert Frontier 370 to RA4? I have a chemical dispenser from SFA 238 and I will like to use it. Any procedure or suggestion? Thanks.
  11. If someone need the last software A1(v.4.0-0E-717) for 330/340 send me an email or pm, I'm not selling it! it's free! but if someone have MS01 (any version) i really need it, because i'm working whit C4/C5 on Windows XP right now, and i want to upgrade
  12. I recently had a problem with the magazine and it was folding the paper and it didn't allow me to load the paper and it came out as a jam but now it happens that it doesn't load the paper and on the contrary it returns the paper to the magazine and I have to take the paper out again to re-place but no matter how hard I try, it does the same. What could be the cause?
  13. Hello! I've been trying to find the software to reset counters as the printer shows ink tube end of life. If someone would be kind enough to share I would be very grateful! Thanks!
  14. G Laser And Synchronous Sensor Error Occurs During Printing When I Clear This Error After Sometime Printing Again Started Accurate Kindly Help Me To Find this error
  15. I just acquired a Fuji Frontier Sp3000 and have a technician installed me the DIC to get the images on the second computer. I can´t find anywhere to change the format from 16base or 4base jpg to tiff. Also I dont know how to change the name of folders created on the second computer in order to get automatic something different than Job_00001.
  16. Hello all, i have run into some weird issue with my prints. Dark gray Horizontal lines appear on my prints. it appear to be coming somewhere between the magazine and P1. The line come out on wallets, 5,6,8 and 10 inches. So far what i have done is this: I tried to clean the lines off with water and de greaser and no luck. i removed P1 crossover and determine the lines come out from the P1 rack, not cause by the crossover. I did a deep cleaning of P1 and P2 rack ( i use a de greaser spray and a toothbrush to clean and rinse the rollers and gears on the P1 and P2 racks including crossover) I did paper feed 89,102,127,152,178,203,254 to determine if the lines align but no lines appeared on paper feed. I did Laser Temp calibration results OK. I send a paper calibration but no lines appear. I send a calibration pattern (step wedges) but no lines appear. No lines appear on plain white paper. I have done all this and i cannot seemed to determine where the lines are coming from. any help will be much appreciated, thank you all in advance. I included a attachment.
  17. Hi! I'm thinking about buying a Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000. However, I need to know if it will aqquire som additional costs. I attached the picture the seller has in the listing. He says that the scanner does not come with a PC, due to the fact that the PC was sold with the machine it was connected to. I'm assuming he had a printer connected to it, and that the machine was sold along with the printer? So from what I understand this is a scanner with no computer. Is is hard to connect a new computer and install the drivers? What will the additional cost be? If anyone has any idea, I gladly appreciate some help. As I said - I'm new to this and doesn't know much about it. But I'm hoping someone in here knows. :-) - Matt
  18. Thanks in advance for being patient with a new member who's just getting started in an area of photography for which I have very limited previous experience. I'm working with someone right now who has a Fuji SP2500 scanner that was previously configured and working for standalone operation. It's networked to a Windows 10 HP laptop running PIC 2.6 and something called FES in a Windows XP virtual machine under VMWare. All of this was working fine until mid-November, at which point it inexplicably stopped. I've been trying to help them get it back up and running, but don't have expertise on the equipment. I have a lot of experience with computers and electronics in general, and am old enough to have used NT4 and XP when they were new. When the scanning computer starts up, I get this message: I-595 Connect to Imaging Controller for updating data. When I click [OK], I get this error: W-1531 F-DI device registration failed. Check the network connections. Press {Retry] to retry or [Cancel] to cancel. Retrying doesn't help. If I cancel, I can get the scanner to go through what seems to be a series of calibration steps with a film carrier in place. I've checked the network cables and connectivity. Both machines can see shared drives on each other and move files back and forth. They each have a DHCP assigned IP address, and canned be pinged from each other successfully and consistently. Both are assigned to the same Windows Workgroup (MICSGROUP). For the life of me I can't figure out what might have changed to make it all stop working. My colleague doesn't have any disks, and the person who set this up originally is no longer available. I was able to find a folder with what looks like installers for PIC 2.60.0034 and Fuji Personality Disk 2.6. The scanner is attached to a Toshiba 5600FF computer. My colleague also has another one of these scanners that was never configured for operation, but that uses a Toshiba G10 computer. I fired that one up long enough to make sure the computer works (it does). I swapped the computers between the two machines to see if it would help, and it didn't. That machine is available as a source of spare parts. I have some old PC's that run Windows XP natively that I could configure for this project if that would help. I don't see how running PIC in a VM would make this fail when it previously worked, but I'm willing to try anything. If anyone has or can give me detailed instructions for diagnosing and repairing this problem or starting from scratch, I'd be very thankful. If there's someone or someplace I can get the correct software to make this happen, I'd be very glad to know that too. I've had poor luck finding enough information to get this going, and I'm hopeful this group's knowledge and experience will get me on the right path. I'm glad go back and get more information off the machines if that helps. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  19. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? On the image I upload it shows the yellow and blue being way off. My XL 10 hard drives died so everything needed to be reinstall I did upload the backup files. But now this happend. Frontier 370 vershappens. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi, I have the ussual frontier 355 software that runs the FE-FRONTEND conputer on xp, and the scaner on win nt i think. Now my question is, What computer is needed to run the new windows 7 software for bouth the scaner and the frontend, where can i but this software (with install instructions) and whats the price of it? Thank you so much in advance
  21. WTB Fuji frontier sp3000 ( 645 Carrier ) * just only 645 film carrier mask for 120 scan please email me gongtairoop@gmail.com
  22. Fuji Frontier Lp7700 6113-2 Paper Did not Rewid. What's the Solution? Kindly Reply Me As Soon As Possible
  23. Hello, I am a Fujifilm printing machine user from Indonesia. I have a problem with an FMPC computer connected to the FRONTIER 570 machine. The computer is always blue screen so that it interferes with the photo printing process. Another problem is when the blue screen FMPC computer, the server and the computer connected to the Frontier LP5000 machine also join the blue screen. I am here using 2 machines, which are: - frontier 570 - frontier LP 5000DM I use Windows XP SP3 on an FMPC computer, I also share data using a mapped drive. Please help me, this blue screen is driving me crazy, I have done various ways ranging from replacing the hard drive, to replacing the motherboard. please
  24. Hello there everyone. Last Friday we replaced the IEEE 1394 from the FMPC and the FMA20 of the Frontier 370 . All is working well except that at the end of the day, when the Frontier shuts down after cleaning, the FMPC suffers some sort of strange crash where all the connections to the FMPC are cut down. The USB ports are disconected (and if i reconnect the USB devices they no longer appear connected, no matter if i use a wireless mouse or a keyboard) the Ethernet port too. We have to hold the Power Button to turn it off forcibly. We tried running the shutdown.exe with a 90 second delay but its not helping around. The thing is worrying me is that turning off forcibly the FMPC will damage the HDD anytime soon and Fujifilm Mexico did not want to give us the software for installation. I think something is wrong with the new IEEE 1394. The FMA20 should not make a PC crash. Any idea what to do? I can't even use a keyboard. The Optiplex 780 has no other ports like the PS2 or the other one.
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