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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening I have a frontier 340 and I have changed computers and they do not have the frontier network to send the photos directly to the minilab pc, how could I do it, is there any software I need?
  2. hi. I have my fuji frontier 340 minilab. I do not see the white spots I should have in my puppies when I press the photos 4 * 5 cm in size. appears when I take the same photo 10 * 15 or larger. I'm just having problems with passport photos. b laser is said to be an error in my part. what are your views? Is there a problem with the laser or the crystal?
  3. Hi everyone! I have Frontier 340 with SLP 1000SE from Kenya. My whole nightmare started when some rats decided to do their own cleanup of wires and a number of them were cut by the giant rat. All in all, ultimately we managed to get the machine back to work. We made thorough cleaning of the machine and when we started to print after 12 days, the output print upkeep came out but with blue tint background instead of white. RESULT Not Good (N.G), even after many repeats. Thought problem could be contaminated chemicals during cleaning but unfortunately there start-up kit here is out of stock. So used the following options on the Chemicals: For P1, Went to buy CHAMPION PRINT DEVELOPER STARTER and CHAMPION VR PRINT DEVELOPER REPLENISHER. Remember tank for frontier 340 is 7,400ml (7.4liter). So mixed in this order replenisher ®:Startup kit (S):Water (W) i.e R:S:W=458ML+185ML+6,757ML=7,400ml. For P2, I used LUCKY P2R BF-SP BLEACH FIX AND REPLENISER (BFR):Water as BFR:W= 2321ML+5079=7400ML. RESULTS: 1)2When I print output upkeep black turned brown, and CYAN disappeared. 2)when I measure the printed output I get error W-2554 check the outputted upkeep print and then perform the density measurement again TESTS : I interchanged blue and Green leads up and down at the AOM, and no change in results. QUESTION: Could the problem just be the Chemicals, the ratios used? And can wrong chemicals just make a whole colour (Cyan) Disappear? Could there be a case of faulty AOM or laser?
  4. Hi, I now account with a problem when print the pure colour photos.When I print out photos with a big part of pure color such as a big blue sky,there will be some bright and dark bands appear on the sky part in the direction of paper transport; And the day after, when I try to print out the same photo, the bright and dark banding disappear!All is OK in the first 5 minutes, we thought the problem had been solved.But around another 5 minutes later, the banding was appear again! It was always ok in the first five minutes of printing,but got the banding after a short time later. I don't know what's the trouble with my frontier 340E. Someone could help me! Thank you. Kind regards
  5. Hello, I've received the following W-2538 error message: Anti-dust filter of laser unit is about to its lifetime. No problem for the moment, but consult your technical representative." I have replaced the anti-dust filter but cannot find the button or something like that in Frontier software's administrative section to let the machine know that the filter had been replaced. Where can I find it? The machine is Frontier 340. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, shutdown PS. I've been trying to find a similar post on the forum but with no result...
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