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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks in advance for being patient with a new member who's just getting started in an area of photography for which I have very limited previous experience. I'm working with someone right now who has a Fuji SP2500 scanner that was previously configured and working for standalone operation. It's networked to a Windows 10 HP laptop running PIC 2.6 and something called FES in a Windows XP virtual machine under VMWare. All of this was working fine until mid-November, at which point it inexplicably stopped. I've been trying to help them get it back up and running, but don't have expertise on the equipment. I have a lot of experience with computers and electronics in general, and am old enough to have used NT4 and XP when they were new. When the scanning computer starts up, I get this message: I-595 Connect to Imaging Controller for updating data. When I click [OK], I get this error: W-1531 F-DI device registration failed. Check the network connections. Press {Retry] to retry or [Cancel] to cancel. Retrying doesn't help. If I cancel, I can get the scanner to go through what seems to be a series of calibration steps with a film carrier in place. I've checked the network cables and connectivity. Both machines can see shared drives on each other and move files back and forth. They each have a DHCP assigned IP address, and canned be pinged from each other successfully and consistently. Both are assigned to the same Windows Workgroup (MICSGROUP). For the life of me I can't figure out what might have changed to make it all stop working. My colleague doesn't have any disks, and the person who set this up originally is no longer available. I was able to find a folder with what looks like installers for PIC 2.60.0034 and Fuji Personality Disk 2.6. The scanner is attached to a Toshiba 5600FF computer. My colleague also has another one of these scanners that was never configured for operation, but that uses a Toshiba G10 computer. I fired that one up long enough to make sure the computer works (it does). I swapped the computers between the two machines to see if it would help, and it didn't. That machine is available as a source of spare parts. I have some old PC's that run Windows XP natively that I could configure for this project if that would help. I don't see how running PIC in a VM would make this fail when it previously worked, but I'm willing to try anything. If anyone has or can give me detailed instructions for diagnosing and repairing this problem or starting from scratch, I'd be very thankful. If there's someone or someplace I can get the correct software to make this happen, I'd be very glad to know that too. I've had poor luck finding enough information to get this going, and I'm hopeful this group's knowledge and experience will get me on the right path. I'm glad go back and get more information off the machines if that helps. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. Hello, this is my first time in this forum. I have some troubles with my Fuji Frontier 390. Two weeks ago I had problems with my subscanner, I changed the whole rollers because of jamming paper on unit 2. Today I am able to print again, but unfortably the size of the image is less than the size of the paper. For instance, when I print a paper conditional setup, the image is reduced compared to the previous prints and if I print 13x18 cm the image only has 16,5 cm of length. (the width is right) The paper size is right! I did the Paper Feed Length Adjustment; Image position fine adjustment and Main Scanning Position Adjustment. Anyone knows how to improve it? Thank you a lot!
  3. Hello! Im working with upgrading system ms01 4.2 on frontier 390. This version is suppose to work with windows 7. Does anybody have any instrution how to install this properly? The frontier 390 is having firewire so maybe the drivers i have for the old system (c4/c5) is not working. Will be so gratefull for any help and tip i can get, best regards, Adele
  4. adeles

    Northlight Picture

    My labs are having problem with showing the correct colors with red and green. Colorspace is srgb.Print file is jpg. Looks like the labs could not print, for example the northlight good. Looks like the gradient is very bad. Is there something to do with this kind of problem, or is is that the colorspace is "too small"?
  5. is anybody know if there is something to do with how lab printing these colors? All my 4 labs is printing perfect, bur when im printing pictures like nothern light and red object the motiv is not good. it's like the details in the red and green is missing. is it just that srgb colorspace is to little?
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