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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have an issue with my Frontier 370 printer, when using a certain roll of 15.2cm paper the printed photos (and color upkeep tests) have dark blue tones where black would have to be; other colors seem to be fine Performing print condition setup does not improve the color situation, it stays the same It cannot be an AOM problem or chemical problem since it only occurs on this specific roll of paper, therefore I think it's an issue with the paper having expired. The thing is, unfortunately replacing that roll is not an option, so I would like to kindly ask for help regarding if there is a way to compensate for it with some kind of post-process editing in ms01 or something like that
  2. Hello, In the process of sending photos to print this error accrued. I checked in on/off settings and it shows as ON. A burn smell also coming from the dryer. I was told there is a reset button somewhere around the dryer but I can't seem to find it .is there another way to rest it ? Any help thanks in advance. All connections from the PAC 20 board are well secured.
  3. hello all, this morning this error: E-2502 Anti-Dust Fan Malfunction pop up on my screen and it wont let me print. Anybody have an idea on how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, i have a frontier 370 ver 7.0. This morning my scanner woke up thinking its a 390 thus not allowing me to print so i would like to wipe out the entire hard drive in order for me to install ver 7.0. Can anyone please help me with the steps needed to archive this. thank you in advance. I have all the software needed and i know how to install them but ive never done a hard drive wipe using the recovery CD. steps I've tried: I tried to open the CD in My computer with no luck -I've tried going into BIOS so the CD Room can be the first one to boot but no luck.
  5. Hello all, i have a frontier 370 my P2 keeps going bad and i have no idea what is causing it. The only thing i can think of is not enough productivity(Prints). I am wondering if there is any other reason that can potentially be causing this, perhaps something in the settings? The yellow on my upkeep goes from a nice bright yellow to a mustard color in less than two months. i have done the pump output measurements and input the proper numbers. the pumps seem to work because it does pump chemistry out. I cant think of anything else. any advise, Thank you in advance.
  6. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? On the image I upload it shows the yellow and blue being way off. My XL 10 hard drives died so everything needed to be reinstall I did upload the backup files. But now this happend. Frontier 370 vershappens. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys i was wondering if there is a better file type option to print on the Frontier 370 via PIC other than jpg that will produce a better print quality or maybe there is a better workflow that will help produce a better print quality. My workflow is: I shot in RAW edit in lightroom export from lightroom in srgbIEC61966-2.1 color space then, open in photoshop do more photo editing and from photoshop i save as jpg with ICC file: srgbIEC61966-2.1, then i import to PIC i UNcheck Images Intelligence (remove the check) and send to print. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, i have a few question about the CD update is it worth doing the update? What are the benefits/purpose of it? Do I need to update my densitormeter in order for it to read updated paper types? Over all what is the purpose of the update? I've been starring at the CD for a while not knowing what to do with it. Are there any risk of updating involve? I have the frontier 370 version 7.0 Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the latest software installer R to allow my frontier 370 to read new paper types. I can't get the printer to say 'OK' after doing paper condition setup ever since I switch paper types, so I'm guessing it's because I don't have the latest software installed. I uploaded a pic for you guys to see. If anyone can point me to the right direction I will highly appreciate it. Thank you.
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