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  1. Hey, I'm running a SP-3000 with FE S1 software but find the scanning preview box is so small it's hard to accurately judge what corrections to make. I've tried lowering the screen resolution in the control panel to gain some size but then the preview image its self is poor quality. Is MS01 software any better in this regard?
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for someone who wants to exchange MS12 or MS19. I can share this: MS01 Basic Software MS01 Basic Software MSP43 DL430 Printer Software Image Processing Module DL400/410/430 1.03 DL430 System Program 1.01 MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP3000 2.0-0E-030 MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP500 1.0-0E-300 MS13 LAN Spool MS14 Variety Print Software 2.0-0E-020 MS15 Template for Variety Print 1.0-0E-100 MS16 6-Frame Preview Software 1.0-0X-050 MS18 Skin Tone Customization Software 1.0-0X-040 MS21 Express Variety Print Software Template Creation Tool (ICB) v1.0.1.2 and Manual DL430 Parts List DL430 Initial Data Fujifilm Bootable recovery DVD WST3400 MT, DIC-IV 4.0 ES WIN XP SP2 for MS MS Software Series Manual (for MS01 3.0)
  3. I am hoping to get my SP3000 running but I am running into issues during the installation. I do not have a backup floppy for the unit. I believe I need the factory focus data settings for the machine. My Lens ID is shown in the photos, but I need the values for the Focus Calibration and Optical Magnification Calibration. Any insight on this would be appreciated. I have been on the phone with Fuji some, but have yet to solve the problem. Please see attached screenshots for details.
  4. Hello! I have a problem with my 340, It give's me this error "Anti dust shutter mallfunctions E2501"and it makes a continous beep. Can anyone help please!
  5. Hello fellow minilab peoples, I have recently obtained a Fuji SP-3000 and only now realise that I need the C4/C5 (or FE) software for my DIC. If anyone knows how to obtain or who can supply this software I will gladly pay with the highest of fives and a brand new Kyocera Tscope 2 35mm camera (images attached). I bought this camera recently on a trip to Japan and it's in perfect condition (even smells new). Cheers.
  6. Hello! Is there anybody who has a pdf of the wiring diagrams in the Frontier 790? I have a heater thats is working very poor, and i need to see the wiring diagrams for the lab. Best regards Adele
  7. My hardisk was crashed and I had to reinstall all the software, used Toshiba tool to recover through the Recovery CD provided Use Ai software use scanned back up floppy disk everything installed properly but keep getting "E-1423 Downloading image processing section program failed" what could be the problem pleas help please please!!! Thank you
  8. Hi, I just try to adjust very big size of image. Dimension of image is more than 10,000 pixel. I use ms01 ver3.1 and 4.2 to adjust. The output is digital image with .jpeg. and after export it, some image is black or not adjusted. Anyone have same problem?
  9. grif

    Dcm > Ms01

    Hey, Orders rendered from Kiosk to DCM are rendering fine, but not appearing on the MS01 page. Appear as completed on DCM. At the moment im adding orders manually through instore jobs but nothing is coming across automatically like yesterday!! Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I have a setup with Win XP/MS01 basic and MS13. For this workstation I open the images and correct them. I then want MS01 to write the images back to a folder on the workstation, but I struggle to find the correct settings to do this. Do I need some sort of extra software or printer emulator, or is this supported in ms01 directly?
  11. We have a Frontier 375 (but the issue would be the same for any model in the series I am sure) which is producing scratches on prints. I am in search of advice on how to easily diagnose the location of scratching. I have removed the roller rack that takes prints from the processor into the dryer and do see the scratches already present on the prints at this point. It happens on both 6" and 10" wide test prints so I don't think it is the film magazine. I have scrubbed and cleaned the cross-over racks and racks as much as possible. It is either one of these racks or in the printer section. How do I determine which rack in the processor is causing the problem (if that is indeed the problem). I don't see any easy way to stop the print after a particular rack? I am hoping this thread can become a master thread for tips on solving this and similar problems. -Justin
  12. Hello, I currently use an outside service for photo printing for clients. I was wondering if there's a rule of thumb "tipping point" after which I should rent or even buy my own minilab. I do approximately 10,000 photos a month, is that even in the range? Thanks, -- Dani
  13. Hello everyone! I own this old minilab Fuji SFA-257 with a digital carrier and shutter doesnt close anymore. If I do checks from minilab menu, and manually close the shutter It will open with no problems, but its stays there. I also tryed switching the wires of the solenoid that handles the shutter and ofc does the opposite thing. So, everything points at the board on the side of the machine, but to be honest I have no idea what to check on there. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Hi Guys, My SP2000 scanner can't boot and the scanner monitor display blue screen error. This problem might cause by hard drive in the SP scanner dose not working properly. I heard the sound 'Tick Tick Tick' from the hard drive all the time. I'm considering of remove the old hard drive and replace with the new one. I have to reinstall the software in SP2000 PC and I got Windows NT and only C4/C5 software. Could somebody guide my how to install step-by-step? Do I got all of the software needed? Many thanks
  15. JJOpoku

    Fuji Frontier 370

    I want to start a new installation on frontier 370 and I was wondering if the following software are enough for everything. i) A1 ii) Variety print service software iii) The DI c4c5. I am asking this because after doing all the necessary installations whilst both computers can communicate properly, I can see the FRONTIER inside and FRONTIER outside and both files can be opened on both computers but the imaging controller cannot be connected at the per-operational checks at the SP2000 and I can never understand it. so can I get any tips?
  16. HI guys. I need some help. Is there any site or place that I can get the C4/C5 software that is a version 5.5 for windows 2000 for my Fuji frontier machine? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  17. I have come across a few threads that mention pixel shifting and how it can give you larger scans. I can't seem to find much information on it. What exactly is it and how do I do it?
  18. I have come across a few threads that mention pixel shifting and how it can give you larger scans. I can't seem to find much information on it. What exactly is it and how do I do it?
  19. Hi All, My SP2000 is connecting with DI via Ethernet hub and it showed connection error so many times. Please advise my how to connect SP2000 and DI together without Ethernet hub. Any special setting required? Many thanks
  20. We are finding that when we scan certain areas with patterns will have a strange thing happen. I'm not sure how best to describe it, but just look at the images. So far it has only happened on 120. Here the full image: Here is a crop of an area with the weird scan issue:
  21. We recently purchased an SP-3000 from Kimtech (worst mistake EVER), and we cannot seem to get it to run as a stand alone scanner. We have it networked to a secondary computer running PIC 2.6. But every time we try to start scanning it says it cannot find the imaging controller. We have the secondary computer set up as FE-FRONTEND, user: FRONTIER, password: FRONTIER, on the same workgroup as the SP-3000, etc. I have read a few places on here about C4, C5, FE and some other softwares. What are those? Do I need them? How do I get them? We are desperate and we cannot seem to find much help on the subject.
  22. Hello, I need help with understanding how to calculate new print sizes. (I am only using the Fuji Sp-3000 for scanning purposes). My problem is that the proportions I enter (for example, 120 X 180 cm) don't match the entire photo. Here is a screenshot of the Print/Export screen, if you can see, there is still a gap between the frame (the scanning area) and the entire photo. I know I can use the mag. option, but I'm looking for a permanent solution. I would really appreciate any of your help. Thanks!!!
  23. hello again, My frontier 370 gives uneven sizes, all my 4x6 prints have this problem. every 5th print is 104 mm other prints are perfect. do you think that the paper magzine is tight and that's the reason the paper jumps? any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!
  24. Hi experts, Can we print 10x30 print sixe in frontier 370, I know the limitations is till 10x15 but I herd about this can be made by some modifications. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  25. Hello all, I've recently obtained a Fuji SP-3000 and have it running FE Software. I'm having trouble opening a 'Free Export' file (I believe it's called 'Free Export' in C4/C5 software). Attached is the Photoshop dialogue box when I open a file — I've never seen such a request and am wondering if I need to get a file converter for this type of file. I need to state that I am trying to open the file on a MacBook pro — but if necessary I can open the file on a PC. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, Thanks!
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