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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Is there a way to scan half frame negatives on the IM1500? Now the scanner scans two frames at a time, resulting in bad exposures. Many thanks Seppe
  2. Hello everyone! We have a IM-1500 SCSI standalone film scanner that is working perfectly. Recently we acquired a 120 film carrier and we are experiencing a greenish color shift on the edges of the frame when scanning 120 color negatives. No color shift when scannig slides and B&W. The scanner is working perfectly with the 135 carrier. Sample is in the LINK. We have cleaned perefectly all lightsource modules including the filters, CCD is also dust-free. Bulb is canged with new one and acording to the diagnostics its perfect. Also tryed changing the [LIGHT_SOURCE] 120_MANEGMENT=1 to 0 in the im1500.ini file in C:\dks\im1500 . The green cast goes away this way but a yellow/orange cast appears in the middle of the frame. Specialy where is blue or sky in the image. In some topic I have red something about a file called cod120.ini in C:\dks\im1500 witch we didn find in the folder. But we are missing the cod135.ini also and 135 film scans with no problem. Is I understand cos120.ini is something like a calibration file for the 120 film gate. I have founf the file in a bunch of folders we have copyed from the old PC and put it there but it does nothing. We have also tryed connecting the scanner to the old original PC and the results are the same. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Hello, I am looking for the DKS workststion software in order ti use a IM1500 scanner stand alone. Could anyone provide me this software? My email is coroxo2@hotmail.es Thank you very much Best regards
  4. Hello I am in desperate need of a 120/220 film carrier for IM1500 scanner. Any help in locating one is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello I am looking for the Windows 98 & XP drivers for a Imagus IM1500 KIS DKS Minilab Film Scanner. We want to use it as a standalone/workstation scanner and not connected to a minilab. We are also looking for the APS and 120-220 film carriers for the Imagus IM1500. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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