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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Where can i find a copy of software order-it for my kiosk Fujifilm Thanks
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for someone to exchange MS01 software to any kiosk software compatible with DryLab DL430 and order-it v5. I can share this: MS01 Basic Software MS01 Basic Software MSP43 DL430 Printer Software Image Processing Module DL400/410/430 1.03 DL430 System Program 1.01 MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP3000 2.0-0E-030 MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP500 1.0-0E-300 MS13 LAN Spool MS14 Variety Print Software 2.0-0E-020 MS15 Template for Variety Print 1.0-0E-100 MS16 6-Frame Preview Software 1.0-0X-050 MS18 Skin Tone Customization Software 1.0-0X-040 MS21 Express Variety Print Software Template Creation Tool (ICB) v1.0.1.2 and Manual DL430 Parts List DL430 Initial Data Fujifilm Bootable recovery DVD WST3400 MT, DIC-IV 4.0 ES WIN XP SP2 for MS MS Software Series Manual (for MS01 3.0)
  3. Whenever our Kodak system gives us a hard time with customer orders, we've been finding that on the Apex it's best to head into Windows, access the network tab in Explorer, open the corresponding Kiosk from the list, then extract the customer's image files from the newly created order folder inside that kiosk's CustomerAssets folder onto a flash drive. We then re-order the products via Order Entry on the Apex or just through a kiosk. Has anyone else needed to do this, or something like this, to save a customer's order from oblivion?
  4. Hello, I've got 3 Kodak G3 Kiosks on my hand. They run KPK v3.1 and some old hardware. I would like to speed them up & update the software to the newest, 8.1 version. My first issue is if I change the motherboard, CPU and disk (to SSD) how do I reinstall the software and whole system? Is there any recovery CD or something that could help me get back running? the other thing - I downloaded APEX_KPK_V8_1_KPK_ _V3_1 package from KODAK site. When i put CD in and choose 'Software update' kiosk displays some info, asks me if I want to update. When I click 'yes' its copying the files but then it does nothing. Is there something im doing wrong, or maybe there are some minimal requirements for KPK v8.1 for example 1GB of RAM memory (for now there's 512MB installed in KIOSK im testing)
  5. Greetings. We have a Kodak G4x kiosk currently running KPK 8.1. I am attempting to install the 8.1.1 update which I had downloaded from the Kodak website, but it seems to be failing...yet I am at a loss as to WHY it is failing. If I attempt to install the update according to the instructions, it will run the setup, then automatically do a system backup (which the instructions say is normal), and then say "Installation complete" with no error messages or other warnings that something went wrong. HOWEVER, after it finishes rebooting, it still says that version 8.1 is installed, implying that the update to 8.1.1 had failed. What could be causing this problem? I have attached the log from the installation attempt. I quickly skimmed through it and didn't see anything jumping out at me as being an error or failure, but maybe it might have an answer I'm overlooking as to why the update seems to be failing. I would appreciate any assistance. Kodak_APEX_KPK_8.1.1_KPKPl_V3.1.1_MsiLog.txt
  6. Hi every one, about the topic titlle, i have any chance?, i try to get a fuji MS, order-it, but i cant find where buy or maybe someone can share with me this software, to help me start in this area. I found this DX100 in a good price and i get it. Any help be appreciate. Regards
  7. Hi there folks. I have an Kodak Apex v6.0 with two thermal printers and a Kiosk, also v6.0. I also have an Fuji minilab (Frontier 370) and I want to print the photos from the Kiosk in the Frontier. We did that not a long ago, but somehow it stopped to work. The way it worked, were the photos from the Kiosk went to the apex and then to jpg files in the pmhdx folder (shared with another computer). Now it doesnt send the jpg files to the folder, instead the progress counter is stuck at 99%, sometimes less depends on the job. There is a way to make it work again?
  8. Someone knows the passwords of users (KodakAdmin and Kodakuser1) of the new Windows 7 operating system, which comes with the new kiosk G4XL II? I tried all of the above (blueCard, 789 632 and others, and do not work) Thank you. Alguien conoce las contraseñas de los usuarios (KodakAdmin y Kodakuser1) del nuevo sistema operativo windows 7, con el cual viene el nuevo kiosko G4XL II? He probado todo lo anterior (bluecard, 789632 y otros, y no funcionan) Gracias.
  9. Hi to all, I have a LP7700 machine on wich i installed MS4.2 few months ago. Now, i have a Fujifilm Kiosk that i whant to put in my store. I have beem using that Kiosk with my old mashine (5700) and when i got new one i put it away. I did connected Kiosk with my previouse mashine by myself, but now i have a problem with connecting it to LP7700 My questio is: Can i connect Fujifilm Kiosk version 6.6.2 and print-it v6.3.0 to MS 4.2? Any reply is greatly appreciated
  10. First time I have contact whit "photo booth" Noritsu Koki CT-EU CT-EU customer terminal Main question is where to get info of what touchscreen hase Noritsu CT-EU? where to get support?    - how to make calibration in windows?    - How much wurt? (it's from 2008..but from his heavines I think is not so practical...But for mini labs maybe necessary (what is real price? 50 euro?)       - Is Lucidiom company that makes a softwer for Noritsu Koki CT-EU CT-EU   http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aTxDGux7.Z00  
  11. Hi Guys, I have couple of fujifilm touchscreen kiosk computers, is it possible to somehow use them without Fujifilm server, for example with alternative photo kiosk software? I want to use it to take orders for printing large format photos on our Epson StylusJet Pro 9900. Thanks, Peter
  12. I want to install 3 photo kiosks in different locations. With these 3 kiosks, our customers can make an order (photos, photo products,..) via USB stich, card or bluetooth. Kiosks are DSL connected line with central studio where is minilab. Have you got any recomendation for software or complete solution for kiosk?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to copy installed enablements from one G4 Kiosk hard disk to another, and if so, how? Background: I recently purchased a G4 kiosk and was lucky enough for it to come with v6.1 SP1 installed, as well as the Social Networking, Facial Retouch, Pet Eye Retouch, Video Snapshot enablers installed. Unfortunately the hard disk has a number of errors and seems to be failing, and the Kiosk did not come with any install media. I was unable to successfully clone the drive to a new HDD (presumably because of the errors). I DID somehow managed to clone the OS reinstall partition onto a new hard disk, and purchased the v6.1SP1 install software as part of the WiFi dongle upgrade... so I now have a fresh install of v6.1 SP1 on a new hard disk. All works well, however I no longer have any of the optional enablements that came with my original Kiosk hard disk. Is there some way I can copy the installed enablers from the old hard disk to the fresh install on the new hard disk? Are they stored locally in a directory or some place once installed? At $600 to purchase the enablers I'd obviously prefer to use the licensing from the original hard disk if at all possible. (if it helps, I also have an active service module installed so can access the Windows control panel etc). Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered! Ducky
  14. My Kodak Apex running V4.0 SP2 displays this on starting "There is a problem with this System. Forms - 44E5776D-807 with a yellow square box and REBOT COMPUTER. How can I get past this to the Main Order Screen. I tried restoring the system and software several times but it comes back to the same. Any help out there? I bought this off ebay so have no service contract
  15. We use this kiosk merchandiser on our 7 Kodak kiosks. They look great & works a treat. You can hang product on the left and right and put a 12x8 promotion print above the kiosk too. We have a number of these NEW black perspex display aids spare. The fit on to the screws on the back of the G4/G4s monitor. They are shiny, smart & £25 each plus VAT & delivery. Before and after photos attached - you just need the slat wall hooks and screws for the monitor (which should be there already). Please email if you're interested digital@grovers.biz
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