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  1. Hi, i want to repair a Kodak G4 Picture Kiosk. The HDD is crashed and now I need to install the System on a new one. Before it crashed, it was running KPK 4.0 SP2 on a Lenovo Model Y12. I also have the Kodak Application Software CDs for KPK 5.2. I think I need the Recovery/Initialisation Disks to perform a fresh Re-Install on a new HDD. Could anyone please help me out with that? I never did that before. Best regards!
  2. My printer keeps giving me sensor error 5. Any advice what the problem could be. Thanks
  3. Hello I'm Newbie for Noritsu V30 user I just mixing chemical folly instruction. Use Kodak Flexicolor Chemistry I have some Question with CD tank. - I have to mix with above or below (in picture) instruction if I need fill CD Chemistry in Replenisher tank? I - I mixed another chemical with water (fixer&Final rinse) Follow box Instruction then fill in Replenisher tank Am I do correctly? Thank you
  4. Hello. I have a Kodak 8810 that is printing with uneven borders - the output is shifted about 1mm to the right (unfortunately quite noticeable when printing bordered prints.) What needs to be done to correct this? Is there a way to manually calibrate the printer? Is there a wearable part that needs to be replaced? Thanks.
  5. Looking for a replacement computer for APEX system 70, 2 6" printers, 1 8" printer, hopefully running v8.0 or higher
  6. Whenever our Kodak system gives us a hard time with customer orders, we've been finding that on the Apex it's best to head into Windows, access the network tab in Explorer, open the corresponding Kiosk from the list, then extract the customer's image files from the newly created order folder inside that kiosk's CustomerAssets folder onto a flash drive. We then re-order the products via Order Entry on the Apex or just through a kiosk. Has anyone else needed to do this, or something like this, to save a customer's order from oblivion?
  7. Hello, I've got 3 Kodak G3 Kiosks on my hand. They run KPK v3.1 and some old hardware. I would like to speed them up & update the software to the newest, 8.1 version. My first issue is if I change the motherboard, CPU and disk (to SSD) how do I reinstall the software and whole system? Is there any recovery CD or something that could help me get back running? the other thing - I downloaded APEX_KPK_V8_1_KPK_ _V3_1 package from KODAK site. When i put CD in and choose 'Software update' kiosk displays some info, asks me if I want to update. When I click 'yes' its copying the files but then it does nothing. Is there something im doing wrong, or maybe there are some minimal requirements for KPK v8.1 for example 1GB of RAM memory (for now there's 512MB installed in KIOSK im testing)
  8. ESPAÑOL: Hola, tengo un kiosko kodak picture, mi kiosko tenía la siguiente interfaz: ENGLISH: Hi, I have a kodak picture kiosk, my kiosk had the following interface: INTERFAZ 01 ESPAÑOL: Pero luego presentó un problema en el sistema y me toco reiniciar el sistema desde el modo de recuperación. Solo tengo el CD de software de aplicación V1.5. Lo he instalado, pero no es igual a la interfaz de arriba (INTERFAZ 01). La versión KPK V1.5 (INTERFAZ 02) no tiene todas las funciones que la de la (INTERFAZ 01). ENGLISH: But then I presented a problem in the system and I had to restart the system from the recovery mode. I only have the application software CD V1.5. I have installed it, but it is not the same as the interface above (INTERFACE 01). The KPK version V1.5 (INTERFACE 02) does not have all the functions of the (INTERFACE 01). (INTERFAZ 02) ESPAÑOL: Necesito de tu ayuda para volver a mi antigua interfaz (INTERFACE 01) para poder disfrutar de todas sus funciones. He intentado instalar APEX_KPK_V8_1_KPK_+_V3_1_0.zip pero me da error. En la imagen de abajo esta la información de mi kiosko picture kodak. ENGLISH: I need your help to return to my old interface (INTERFACE 01) to be able to enjoy all its functions. I tried to install APEX_KPK_V8_1_KPK _ + _ V3_1_0.zip but it gives me an error. In the image below is the information of my kiosk picture kodak. Por favor ayúdame a solucionar mi problema. Muchas gracias espero tu respuesta. dainnervil@gmail.com +574147348091
  9. Hi all, I bought a second hand KPK GS that came with version 8.1.1 pre-installed (but without any disk), and I can't find the "Send orders to Minilab" menu in Options management... The manual says that I should enable it with the installation CD, but I haven't any... any hints? Thanks in advance
  10. I installed a Kodak 6850 5R Borderless Conversion Kit on my Kodak 6850 printer to convert it to a borderless 5x7 printer but the printer will not recognize the 5r media. I updated the firmware to the current one but it still says "incorrect ribbon". Any advise?
  11. Greetings. We have a Kodak G4x kiosk currently running KPK 8.1. I am attempting to install the 8.1.1 update which I had downloaded from the Kodak website, but it seems to be failing...yet I am at a loss as to WHY it is failing. If I attempt to install the update according to the instructions, it will run the setup, then automatically do a system backup (which the instructions say is normal), and then say "Installation complete" with no error messages or other warnings that something went wrong. HOWEVER, after it finishes rebooting, it still says that version 8.1 is installed, implying that the update to 8.1.1 had failed. What could be causing this problem? I have attached the log from the installation attempt. I quickly skimmed through it and didn't see anything jumping out at me as being an error or failure, but maybe it might have an answer I'm overlooking as to why the update seems to be failing. I would appreciate any assistance. Kodak_APEX_KPK_8.1.1_KPKPl_V3.1.1_MsiLog.txt
  12. Which is cheaper in terms of cost per print? Kodak Apex or Epson Surelab?
  13. Hi there folks. I have an Kodak Apex v6.0 with two thermal printers and a Kiosk, also v6.0. I also have an Fuji minilab (Frontier 370) and I want to print the photos from the Kiosk in the Frontier. We did that not a long ago, but somehow it stopped to work. The way it worked, were the photos from the Kiosk went to the apex and then to jpg files in the pmhdx folder (shared with another computer). Now it doesnt send the jpg files to the folder, instead the progress counter is stuck at 99%, sometimes less depends on the job. There is a way to make it work again?
  14. Interesting item on the BBC New website re the Kodak Brownie. Have a read -->> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-30530268
  15. Anyone there with windows driver for Kodak 7015 apex printer?
  16. Hi all, I turned on my Kiosk this morning and my 8800 printer is giving me a "Cutter Jam" error as it goes through its start-up checks. This error halts the printer and cannot be bypassed. I checked the cutter head and it seems to move freely (ie not stuck) and I can't find any torn paper or other items that might be causing problems. Has anyone else had any experience with this error? Any quick tips you can give to possibly solve this without me needing to order new parts (or a new printer)? Unfortunately I don't have the service manual for this printer (or for the 6850) so don't have much else to go on for troubleshooting. Thanking you in advance. Ducky
  17. I have just installed KPKV7 and updated to the May 2014 update. (June asked for 7.2) When I tested the Instagram module the screen displayed a square with what looked like a miniature broken link symbol. Same result from machines running stand alone or as part of APEX network. There is no log in area etc.. Has anyone else struck this? Is the Instagram module working elsewhere? Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.
  18. Sorry, Now Moved to http://www.minilabhelp.com/classifieds/item/331-noritsu-qss-2802-digital-good-and-working-condition/
  19. Hei! I m using Kodak Ektacolor RA-4 paper with my KIS 1550 and the colors are correct and fine. I bought one box Tura Platinum RA-4 for try and the colors are significantly worse , green hue is over the ohter color. I did paper setup and it shows the perfect score. Do I have to change in SU mode something more for this type of paper ? Paper response do something ohter ?
  20. I'd like to upgrade our Kodak G4 running v4.0 to a newer version so we can take advantage of some new features. Where can I get the upgrades. Can I upgrade directly to v6 or do I need to do it in increments. Is there a newer version for the G4 (not a G4X or G4XL). Thanks in advance.
  21. I am having a problem with my Kodak 9810 printers, when I print to it, the printer starts to print, prints the yellow, then errors and reports ‘ribbon failed to advance’. If I open the printer, the ribbon has advanced to the clear laminate section. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Many thanks, Tim
  22. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to copy installed enablements from one G4 Kiosk hard disk to another, and if so, how? Background: I recently purchased a G4 kiosk and was lucky enough for it to come with v6.1 SP1 installed, as well as the Social Networking, Facial Retouch, Pet Eye Retouch, Video Snapshot enablers installed. Unfortunately the hard disk has a number of errors and seems to be failing, and the Kiosk did not come with any install media. I was unable to successfully clone the drive to a new HDD (presumably because of the errors). I DID somehow managed to clone the OS reinstall partition onto a new hard disk, and purchased the v6.1SP1 install software as part of the WiFi dongle upgrade... so I now have a fresh install of v6.1 SP1 on a new hard disk. All works well, however I no longer have any of the optional enablements that came with my original Kiosk hard disk. Is there some way I can copy the installed enablers from the old hard disk to the fresh install on the new hard disk? Are they stored locally in a directory or some place once installed? At $600 to purchase the enablers I'd obviously prefer to use the licensing from the original hard disk if at all possible. (if it helps, I also have an active service module installed so can access the Windows control panel etc). Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered! Ducky
  23. Hi Guys, After I finish color calibration for my Kodak LED 20P Gen II, it then print normally. But after it prints for about 10 times, the color starts to go either blue/yellow. After that I should re-calibrate it again, and the problem continuously occurred after approximately 10 times of printing. Anyone experienced this? How can I fix this? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks, Jacky
  24. Can someone please help me? I am looking for the System 89 Installation Software / Operating System. I tried replying to an old thread but to no luck, my HD got fried and now I need to do a fresh install. I believe it could also be set up as a DKS 1550 (same machine, different clothes) but I don't know which files need to be copied across from my backup. All and any help much appreciated.
  25. I get all the white areas pixelated when printing on my Kodak 6850. Any idea what might be the cause?
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