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  1. Leader card in not feeding. I read previous posts about freeing up solenoids and cleaning sensors - can you tell me how to take off the front plastic cover to better expose the area? We've had multiple V30s of various generations, and this one was even working in our lab. Usually problems like this are an easy fix, but this one seems to be stubborn. With almost half a thousand rolls building up we'd be extremely grateful for any light you can shine on the issue !
  2. Hi, My Noritsu QSS-3701, often showing the G-Laser Control Error and after that Synchronous Sensor error. It started occurring one fine / bad day, appearing occasionally and then on every day basis. Terribly it started occuring even 30 times in a day. Just after clearing the error, laser temperature gets completed and then printing starts normally. All of a sudden, without doing anything the error not appeared for few weeks. Again started once in a while, daily, many times in a day and disappears for few weeks. This cycle repeats but the bad thing is that now this error comes quite often and the amount of blank prints has piled up. Yes each and every time this error gives me 2 or 3 blank prints irrespective of sizes. Can any experts throw some light on this issue. Error Code: 06075-00007 G Laser Control Error 06073-00002 Synchronous Sensor Error Laser Self diagnostics shows no abnormality.
  3. So I have this 3011, which has bees sitting in a wharehouse for a year wired up and instaled but the reverse unit is acting up and not working. The paper advance, moves the paper out just enough to touc the reverse unit and then it stops, just like the picture. I have tried to use the "paper supply motor" command in service mode and it does just the same, sticks the print just out enough to touch the reverse unit (or maybe not touching) and then it stops right there causing paper jam and error message. I have tried to run the command " paper supply motor" several times in hope of making it work to no avail. No movement is present in the reverse unit itself because I think that the print has not reached any sensor making the print available to be grabed and moved into the processor. So basically at this point the reverse unit does not grab the print. Output check works fine and reverse unit moves as it sholud with various commands, also when being initialized the reverse unit makes all its original sounds and movements and sits idle in recieving position. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi All, We use a V30 at our shop and we have been receiving the Error Code “024 - Circulation Pump Stopped – P2.” We can no longer use our machine because the code alarm goes off immediately when we turn it on, and reoccurs quickly after we clear the error. The one thing we noticed is that the error ALWAYS came up if the film gets stuck while feeding into the machine. We would remove the film, the error would come on for a time, but if we powered down the machine long enough, it would restart fine with a prompt for time/start up checks. Now, regardless of unplugging the machine for days, it resumes processing rather than starting fresh with a prompt for start up checks. We can’t do a close down process because the error interrupts the water refilling process and goes back to warming up the temperature after it’s cleared. Is there any way to "factory reset" the machine?? We looked through several threads where many people have also had issues with Error 024, and tried some of the solutions but none have worked so far. We also can’t access output check mode because the error popping up keeps blocking access to us navigating the system menu. Any idea on how to stop the error from interrupting? We’ve tried changing to service mode on the machine but it does not stop this error: Turning on dip switch DS2 No.2 on the mainPCB to put the V30 in service mode, does not stop the error. Is there any reason the error code is overriding service mode? Does it have something to do with a system setting or needing the floppy disk? As for the Service Manual troubleshooting diagnostics: Chemical filter cartridges are all brand new F17 and F18 fuses on PowerPCB1 are good All contacts and connections between cables are fine Cleaned out all circulation pumps –they are fine visually (but how can we tell they’re rotating properly? How can we test their voltage?) PowerPCB1 seems to be working PowerPCB2 seems to be working Main Control PCB seems to be working We’ve also tried the following ideas from this post: https://www.minilabhelp.com/index.php?/forums/topic/18947-noritsu-qsf-v30p-problems/ -Adjusting the top cover limit switch, but it didn’t help -We’ve tried to measure the voltage to the STB heater to test the SSR’s, but we keep getting interrupted by the Error code -We’ve tried Kodak_Service’s idea of switching connectors 138 and 139, and the error number DID change from “024-P2” to “024-P1” showing the PCB is ok, and we’ve also replaced the P2 pump entirely but the error remains. What could be the issue??
  5. Hello all, I have a 3411 w/ SI-2400 & SP-2300. The machine has been having ARCNET issues for awhile now, and has finally gotten to the point where it is impacting startup. I have isolated the issue to the AFC/Scanner Control PCB causing interference in the system, as all other ARCNET connections work without errors when the AFC/Scanner pcb fiber is not plugged in - when it is plugged in the whole system runs at ~%60 errors when running arcnet selfcheck. I have a spare S-4 so have swapped out all the scanner power supplies to rule out them out. I have also trimmed all fiber cables clean and square. Now I believe it has to be the PCB itself. The board in the machine is J390879-04, while the service manual calls for J391201. I also see there are several other versions J390879-(1 thru 4). I am wondering if all of these boards are interchangeable as I look for a replacement. Could there be anything else causing the ARCNET issues in the scanner unit outside of this PCB; like I said, the system only has trouble when this fiber is plugged in. Thank you!
  6. Hi, Anyone who has v30 parts description document?
  7. Hello there, i am gilang from indonesia, so my father worked for a company that provides services developing and scanning film, they use Noritsu ls-1100, suddenly the scanner doesn't work properly because at the judgement display menu it only show a blank white, which usually we can tweak the colour before proceed to scan it. Here is the picture to help you understand what i mean. I took it from another topic in this web, BUT in my case, the judgement display shows blank white, with no picture at all. All the hardware part of the scanner is in good condition. Do you know what is exactly happened to the scanner? And know how to fix it? Because it hinder the work of entire office, our technician is not available at the moment, so i think someone might know how to resolve this problem. You can email me at gilangsyahputra81@gmail.com, i am really looking forward to hear from you. I also want to thank you for your time, i'm sorry if my english is hard to understand.
  8. Hi, I'm super newbie as a v30 user. I just mixed chemicals and pour them into the machine(Kodak flexicolor). In order to keep the chemicals as fresh as possible, I'm doing my best to use films. In that way, I have some expired slid films so I'd like use them. What I'm concerned about is that chemical is okay with cross processing. I'm guessing that the chemicals in the machine is affected by chemicals over the slide film. ;;;; Is it too much concern?or This is something that I should never do? Thanks for your advice.
  9. Hi All, I'm new here. I just got a Noritsu LS600 and have been trying to get it working, with no luck so far. Right now, when I try and calibrate the scanner, either in the software or in photoshop before scanning, I get error 6341-00003. The error message states 'Scanner image path error.' What happens is that the software stops working, I get a windows error message, and when I restart the software I get the image path error message. This happens in photoshop when I use Twain as well. I cannot seem to find any online resource to help me with this issue. Any help from you all would be much appreciated! PS: I am running on a windows 10 machine with Twain 6.50.
  10. Hello , I am looking for the EZ Controller Software and Noritsu Kids. Does someone have this software? Could you send me please Thank you very much,
  11. Hello I have the problem that the paper transport to the cutter, cuts and it will not feed to the exposure unit, then the error appears I already check the arcnect connection with the self checks and everythings success Also check the ligth lock door and works normally Do you have another idea?
  12. Hi, I'm using v30 for a while. I found this case from time to time, not many times. But it happens. As you can see, there are lots of yellow particles around the perforation and strip. I can't get rid of it. Anybody who have experienced the similar case? Thanks
  13. Hello All ! Todays problem is All of the working tanks are not heating up even after 2 hours of warm up time. Working tank temperatures did not rise. All fuses on J390456 are ok (F1-F11 and FL1-FL4) all SSRs look good, None are dark or burnt or damaged. PCB J390564 is the same. Everything looks fine. No error messages were displayed. What could it be ? thank you !
  14. 9weeks

    Scanner LS600

    I closed the scanner case, but I'm getting an error message. What's the problem?
  15. 9weeks

    Scanner LS600

    When reading the image of a film, a bad edge appears. I already cleaned the lower led and the zoom. Aín thus continues to come out without variants. Could you help me with this problem ... Thanks
  16. Hi, I have An error "Print channel setting is invalid" while i do not use EZ controller for printing. I have an LS-600 and I am using it as a stand alone scanner. Also, on input media section the icons of Negative film, Positive film, etc are all off. I went to Input media and clicked on Film Scanner option and the software could find my scanner but it is not working in the order display section. I would be grateful if you could help me with this.
  17. Hey all, We’re having a problem starting up our Noritsu! Our 2901 “wants to turn on” but loses power after 1 or 2 seconds “on”. We have to turn off the breaker, wait 5-10 seconds, then try to power up again but always with same symptoms. We can hold the green sorter button to turn it on, we then hear the motors and fans starting up, then after 1 to 2 seconds the power just goes off. Doesn’t even have time to start up the computer , much less an error message. Any help would be appreciated! Dave
  18. Hi, I just got negative sleeve cutter for my lab. But once I pull the bar for cutting the film. The sleeve roll pulls down endlessly. I guess it has something to do with the setting by adjusting "sleeve adv. sleeve mark" on the machine. But I'm still confused with the setting. Please help me!! Thanks
  19. I have a Noritsu HS-1800 with various film masks. We were flooded in Harvey and a lot of my masks went under water. I was able to rebuild most of them without any trouble. I got new stepper motors and cleaned off the corrosion and they work. The problem is with my 135MMC-II slide scanner. All the components work and test fine, but it won't auto focus. I had an ex Noritsu TSR come take a look at it and he thinks he can get it working again, but says we need the calibration masks to get it to work. the Height adjustment jig A060553-01 the Scanner adjustment chart (mount) Z019668-01 the AMC emission adjustment chart Z808669-01 I'm not sure if I need all of these, but Noritsu tells me they have to order the parts from Japan and they want a lot of money for just one of the charts. I was hoping we'd be able to borrow, rent or get someone to come into our store in Houston, TX to help us out. If anywone has a 135MMC-II that they don't use any more, we'd be happy to discuss taking it off your hands. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you Dylan Manager Kingwood Photo Lab 281-360-8998
  20. chkJOMO

    V30 Chemistry

    Hello I'm Newbie for Noritsu V30 user I just mixing chemical folly instruction. Use Kodak Flexicolor Chemistry I have some Question with CD tank. - I have to mix with above or below (in picture) instruction if I need fill CD Chemistry in Replenisher tank? I - I mixed another chemical with water (fixer&Final rinse) Follow box Instruction then fill in Replenisher tank Am I do correctly? Thank you
  21. I am in need of the Scanner Adjustment Chart #Z022046-01 for the Crop Card attachment for the Noritsu MFC carrier. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. Ted Nichols, New Hope Photo, New Hope, PA USA
  22. I know that noritsu doesn't produce any more film processing product. But what is the latest minilab for film processing?
  23. Hi, I have a Noritsu D701. It gave me the message "Waste Tank Ink full". I cleaned Tank and changed sponges but message does not disapear. Where do i have to go in menu to put counter 0 again, and message disapear? Do i need a code? Thanks a lot.
  24. Hi. I’m looking for some urgent help; our photo lab is currently in a line-down situation. Our lab has a Noritsu S-1200 scanner connected to our computer/printer system. Due to an error in the printer hardware, the whole system is disabled. We tried fixing the printer hardware but replacement parts are out of production. I’m trying to figure out a workaround by connecting the scanner (which is still healthy) to a modern computer. There are several cables coming out of the scanner and they all look pretty old. I’m wondering if there is any adapter and driver technology available that would also me to run the scanner on my laptop? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Even a user manual to understand the different cables would be helpful.
  25. Hi everyone. New to Noritsu scanners and hoping someone might have some advice. The lab I work in runs a HS-1800 (converted s4). Unfortunately we seem to be getting some strange lines on scans on occasion. It is most evident on underexposed and blank scanned frames - banding along the scan and across the whole width (35mm fogged negative shown in attachment). No amount of cleaning affects the results. From searching through forums I'm concerned it could be a CCD issue? Much appreciate your help! Cheers
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