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Found 5 results

  1. Leader card in not feeding. I read previous posts about freeing up solenoids and cleaning sensors - can you tell me how to take off the front plastic cover to better expose the area? We've had multiple V30s of various generations, and this one was even working in our lab. Usually problems like this are an easy fix, but this one seems to be stubborn. With almost half a thousand rolls building up we'd be extremely grateful for any light you can shine on the issue !
  2. Hello everyone I'm super new to working with a v30 and I have a lot of questions because I can't seem to find the specifics in the manual... I found the amount of liters the replenisher tanks hold(thanks to this forum lol) but I'm confused on what and how much to put in the chemical filters in the subtank area. Also how much to put into the processing tanks themselves or does the replenisher tank automatically give the processing tank the chemicals? Draining the waste is another thing I'm confused on as well Any advice or tips y'all could give me I'd greatly appreciate! I'm in desperate need of a minilab mentor lol
  3. So I am looking to start a small film lab, equipped with a Fuji Sp3000 for scanning and some sort of developer. The problem is I am having trouble deciding which model to look for. I know to avoid models that take the Kodak SM chemicals because they have been discontinued. I've worked with a T15F and one of the newer V30 variants (forgot which one but it was not capable of push/pull.) before in a lab I used to work for, so I have some experience. I'd like to be able to develop 120 as it would put the amount of film I am able to develop per day up but if its not feasible so be it. Anyway these are my questions. 1. Currently there is a T15 LV for sale near me and would be the easiest to buy. I know this is the "low volume" but what exactly doe that mean? Aren't all of the T15 models low volume? Does that model take the discontinued SM chemicals? 2. Is there any type of film processor (doesn't have to be Noritsu brand as long as I can get the chemicals.) that has a low volume capability like the T15 that accepts 120/220 film? Or is the V30 the lowest volume capable of accepting 120? 3. How do you tell the difference between the V30 models? If I could find one that had the push/pull capability i'd probably get that. Sorry this may read a bit scatter-brained. Thanks for your help! Oh and does this forum have a classifieds section?? It'd be super weird for it not to as this is the biggest hub of minilab knowledge I can find!
  4. chkJOMO

    V30 Chemistry

    Hello I'm Newbie for Noritsu V30 user I just mixing chemical folly instruction. Use Kodak Flexicolor Chemistry I have some Question with CD tank. - I have to mix with above or below (in picture) instruction if I need fill CD Chemistry in Replenisher tank? I - I mixed another chemical with water (fixer&Final rinse) Follow box Instruction then fill in Replenisher tank Am I do correctly? Thank you
  5. Hello! I recently purchased a Noritsu V30 RA and I'd like to ask the communities advice on low volume film processing. I am starting a new business and expect low volume until I can build a solid client base. Can you kindly advise the minimum rolls the V30 needs to develop daily to keep the chemistry stable? Has anyone been in the same low volume situation and able to share their experience / tips? The minilab seller I purchased the machine advised 5-8 rolls per day. Additional he said if I am not able to hit these minimums, I can leave the machine on for 45 minutes to keep the chemicals stable. Does this sound accurate? Additionally, does anyone have any resources or can share their start-up and shut -down procedures and routine weekly maintenance? I am quite new to this and would greatly appreciate anyones help / feedback. I'm doing my best to scan all the forums and I apologize if I am doubling up questions. Lastly, if anyone knows any technicians or Noritsu enthusiasts in Los Angeles, please let me know. It would be great to work with someone locally to get set up properly. Many thanks, Anthony
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