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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm in need of some advice. I have recently acquired an SP2000, The PC that runs it seems like its on its way out - its an old P2 and could do with being upgraded. Is it possible to easily clone the old pc drives onto a new er ish machine running XP? Maybe clone the old NT4 system to the newer PC and then upgrade NT4 to XP keeping the original Frontier software an setup in place during upgrade (as XP basically being the unofficial NT5 anyway?), is this possible? Though, I would ideally want to do a fresh install however, I do not have the A1 software disks and they seem super rare to find. Thanks in advance. Matt.
  2. Guest

    DLB1 PC connection troubleshooting

    Hey guys.. We got an AGFA dlab1 at work and it used to work perfectly till we decided to change our hardware on the source pc I installed ssds instead of the hdds we had and now the dlab wont sync to the hotfolder on the desktop.I checked network issues-settings the dlab is properly connected but i probably am missing something...in machine settings everything looks good computer name(ip) hotfolder name etc etc..but as I am new here and I didnt get the chance to see the installation process i would like to new if there is some software I should install on the desktop to make it sync with it or if I should delete some kind of file that still has the old values set(before the ssds were installed) thanx guyz
  3. Can anyone recommend software that will enanble clients to create photobooks and collages (which we can then print on a Minolta offset press) on either MAC or PC? CPAC gallery pro is PC only and iPhoto's book maker is incresingly insistant you order from Apple. Dakis Photo Factory is fine if you are online and Kodak wants to use the DL2100 exlusively (unless someone has an XML to JPG/PDF converter???). I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has a solution that works well for them.
  4. Hello. I have a QSS 3201 and I am trying to upgrade the pc with a new cpu (I5), new motherboard and windows7 , I am stack with the installation of the PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB. When I istall the QSS program (ver.9) I see that the noritsu driver of the Archnet pcb is not istalled. Is there a way to make it work or a specific driver for win 7?
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