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Found 3 results

  1. hi, everyone I'm looking for a processor CPU board 2870H100A for a KONICA MINOLTA Super R2 the mine don't work thank you for your help regards my email : hamchell@neuf.fr
  2. Hello Recently I got Konica R2 Film Scanner with usb-key. Also I got Phenix software version 2.00 which I installed on Windows 2000 SP4. I planned to use it as standalone scanner for personal film scanning at home, but this is not so easy as I thought before. The hardware of my PC is next: GIGABYTE GA-6VEM \ PENTIUM III Tualatin \ PCI 1394 card. When I run Phenix, I get error with code L1778 (The Input station to control the Printer processor is not found) How can I fix this problem?
  3. Hi All, I have a Konica DS-2000E film scanner in working condition and a control computer with software for an R2 Super 1000 system (V2.00R03), but the dongle key was lost. The computer detects the scanner, but gives error due to dongle not found. My goal is to see if I can get the scanner working as a stand along unit, without the printer. Research indicates that I might be able to do this with older software (ver. 1.3 or earlier?)---there seems to be conflicting information on whether this is possible? I have read that it may not be possible to make the software function without the dongle, but I've read that a Russian group may have found a way to bypass the dongle detection and its on-board software segment and added features? I do realize that dongles are available for big$$$, but I'm looking for a lower cost solution. Questions I haven't found answers for: 1. I have access to a dongle for an R1 system. Will this work with an R2 control computer running V2.00 software? 2. Is there a way to get past the next error I know I'll see once the dongle is installed---printer unit not found? I'm an Electrical Engineer with a good technical background. So I can implement most solutions efficiently. Thanks for any help on this. I've had the scanner for over a year now hoping to solve these issues. It's a beautiful, well designed and built device capable of very high resolution scanning of multiple formats. It would be a shame to have to part it out for spares. Regards, Bob
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