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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Anyone who has v30 parts description document?
  2. Hello, Im just looking to hear if anyone has a converted v30/v50 for black and white. Is it worth converting or looking for a native bw machine? Is it reliable conversion? What issues have you ran into if any? What chems are you using? thank you jorge
  3. Hi, I'm super newbie as a v30 user. I just mixed chemicals and pour them into the machine(Kodak flexicolor). In order to keep the chemicals as fresh as possible, I'm doing my best to use films. In that way, I have some expired slid films so I'd like use them. What I'm concerned about is that chemical is okay with cross processing. I'm guessing that the chemicals in the machine is affected by chemicals over the slide film. ;;;; Is it too much concern?or This is something that I should never do? Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi, I'm using v30 for a while. I found this case from time to time, not many times. But it happens. As you can see, there are lots of yellow particles around the perforation and strip. I can't get rid of it. Anybody who have experienced the similar case? Thanks
  5. Hi, guys While processing films in the v30, “Circulation pump stopped” occurred at all pumps. Does it affect to the films in the machine?? I found some blanks(like 5 frames) in the middle of the film. I wonder if it’s because of error. Waiting for your advice.
  6. Hi, I just got negative sleeve cutter for my lab. But once I pull the bar for cutting the film. The sleeve roll pulls down endlessly. I guess it has something to do with the setting by adjusting "sleeve adv. sleeve mark" on the machine. But I'm still confused with the setting. Please help me!! Thanks
  7. Hello I'm Newbie for Noritsu V30 user I just mixing chemical folly instruction. Use Kodak Flexicolor Chemistry I have some Question with CD tank. - I have to mix with above or below (in picture) instruction if I need fill CD Chemistry in Replenisher tank? I - I mixed another chemical with water (fixer&Final rinse) Follow box Instruction then fill in Replenisher tank Am I do correctly? Thank you
  8. Hi guys, I'm from Leeds, W yorks and i'm wanting to know if anyone knows of , or can themselves service a Noritsu V30? The machine is an ex Snappy Snaps processor but has been in good storage facilities for around 5 years. The machine turns on fine, it has been turned on once, and asks for chemicals, but before I spend any money on chemicals i'm wanting to have the machine get a once over / MOT so to speak. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please? Many thanks
  9. Hi, After leader card check, the CD temperature keeps dropping from 37.8 to... Display says: adjusting temperature, but nothing happens, it just drops. Any thoughts? Thx!
  10. Hi people, Any idea how to change the language from German to English? Manual states 6 different languages when using the program on the floppy, but how do you select English? For example: #5 is ENGLISH + ITALIAN How do you choose ENGLISH? Or: is the floppy not necessary and can you toggle in the V30 menu between ENGLISH and GERMAN? Thx,
  11. Dear people, Who can help me out for a newbie with noritsu QSF? - operating manual (how do I start?) - do's and don'ts - maintenance - calibration - spare parts website Thx for your help!
  12. I upgraded the software on my V30 because it was a bit glitchy and resetting itself when entering certain menus. After upgrading, the STB 1 & 2 Thermosensors are not working and it's giving me Error 027. The temperatures are now showing 0 degrees but the sensors were fine before the upgrade. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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