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Found 7 results

  1. Hi members,I have the EZ Controller CD(Ver.1.60.021) & dongle,I want to install on computer(windows 10),to print on my working printers is: Noritsu minilab QSS 3202 SD and Fuji(drylab) DX 100,can I use this version or take update for latest versions?!
  2. Hi members,I have the EZ Controller CD with & dongle,but old version(Ver.1.60.021) ,I need newest version of EZC(for windows 10), can anyone send me on private email : studioivama14@gmail.com
  3. Hello. I am a software engineer working for a large digital print company, using large machine park of many NORITSU QSS minilab printers, like Noritsu QSS 3411, 3201, 3202 Recently, I have been developing a software for integration of Noritsu minilab printers with our own production system. I am using the QSS Network Service API with NetOrder TCP/IP Interface Version. Everything works great for dozens of machines QSS 3411, 3201, 3202, all having QSS Network Service versions from 2.1.0 to 2.3.0. I was able to develop the modern programming library to communicate with machines allowing: - Reading machine state with solution temperatures, spooler space, usage statistics - Reading paper and magazine information's (length, surface, width and more) - Reading Errors and Attention Status - Reading Print channel information's - Loading and managing colour profiles - LUT data registration - Printing (Order registration, orders queue and history information's) Recently my company has installed more machines with new software QSS 3702. They have an EZ-Controller instead of QSS installed and use newer API version - 3.1.1. I'm having an integration difficulties. I'm able to get some information (not all, for example spooler size info is always zero) and print orders. On the other hand, I cannot read orders information and history. The only status code I get is -51 (QSS NOT SUPPORT). Documentation says nothing about it and I am stuck here. I will appreciate any help
  4. Hi, I have An error "Print channel setting is invalid" while i do not use EZ controller for printing. I have an LS-600 and I am using it as a stand alone scanner. Also, on input media section the icons of Negative film, Positive film, etc are all off. I went to Input media and clicked on Film Scanner option and the software could find my scanner but it is not working in the order display section. I would be grateful if you could help me with this.
  5. Hello. In my shop i want to setup another work station. One is already working, everything is fine. To the second place i installed the EZ controller for the QSS-3701 printer. Copied every file, folder, backup, saves etc from the first station. But at the second station when errors pop-up the only thing i see is the Number of the error, and the message: "Could not find the file necessary to display the printer error/attention messages." OR "The message was not found." Any idea where can i find it on the first station, or what else should i install? The EZ Controller version: 5.80.020 [111031] OS: Win. XP
  6. Hi guys! So I have 2 minilabs - QSS32 and QSS34. I have them both connected with EZ Controller. When I print with EZ on QSS32 everything is great. Both on profile ON/OFF nad custom profile made with i1 profiler. But at this moment when I print with EZ on QSS everything looks like there is saturation +100 and extra contrast. When I print using Noritsu cms everything is great. What I check on both machines: - every single color related settings look the same - channels are connected properly I and my technician are out of ideas. Any ideas? : )
  7. How would I go about hooking up an Epson scanner to my EZ Controller PC? Does anyone have any info on this? Also, what's the latest version of EZ Controller? We have 5.8.
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