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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I am a software engineer working for a large digital print company, using large machine park of many NORITSU QSS minilab printers, like Noritsu QSS 3411, 3201, 3202 Recently, I have been developing a software for integration of Noritsu minilab printers with our own production system. I am using the QSS Network Service API with NetOrder TCP/IP Interface Version. Everything works great for dozens of machines QSS 3411, 3201, 3202, all having QSS Network Service versions from 2.1.0 to 2.3.0. I was able to develop the modern programming library to communicate with machines allowing: - Reading machine state with solution temperatures, spooler space, usage statistics - Reading paper and magazine information's (length, surface, width and more) - Reading Errors and Attention Status - Reading Print channel information's - Loading and managing colour profiles - LUT data registration - Printing (Order registration, orders queue and history information's) Recently my company has installed more machines with new software QSS 3702. They have an EZ-Controller instead of QSS installed and use newer API version - 3.1.1. I'm having an integration difficulties. I'm able to get some information (not all, for example spooler size info is always zero) and print orders. On the other hand, I cannot read orders information and history. The only status code I get is -51 (QSS NOT SUPPORT). Documentation says nothing about it and I am stuck here. I will appreciate any help
  2. Hello everyone,I am looking to upgrade my PC in my 3502. Has anyone had much success with installing the software on Windows 7 at all?Are there any tips you could pass on before I try?Thanks in advance
  3. Does anyone have 1501 cutter unit as shown in the attached photos As my one has failed and the spare is no good either. please pm me as soon as possible. Thanks Richard
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