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    Minilab service

    Arcnet communication error

    Perfectly know how to solve this problem, but you can expect to get answer, when question will be in English. This is international forum and you should respect other members. All questions posted in other languages will be ignored.
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    Doesn't matter, that you do not use 240 lane. If have error there you can't scan 135 lane also. When you have 01406-00013 error that means that have errors from few 240 lane sensors. Set 240 lane, go to input check and look which sensors are dark. When you see error from few sensors can be calibration problem, or problem with carrier hardware. Go to scanner menu and make scanner backup. Then go to afc menu and try adjust sensitivity and intensity for these sensors. If even with maximal value ( 255 ) sensors still dark that means your afc is not working and need to repair it. It is not some miracle. Now have 7 carriers to repair ( from UK, Germany, Sweden and Latvia ) . All they have various hardware problems and I have to repair them. Rare had to change sensors. Usually other problems cause error.
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    First install NFC 10Y

    I apologize for the errors but I work alone in my store and goes through Google translate at the same time to respond and made typing errors could get me mixed up with the references. I put a number of good negative and reversible films and when I do Ok at the bottom of the 321 menu I go back to the 03 Scanner Adjustment/Maintenance menu with the W-4806 message. I validate Ok and still the same problem?
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    Minilab service

    First install NFC 10Y

    Hello. When question is in English I can answer it. All very simple. Just put carrier and mask which you need. With mask have put correct diffusion box. Then go to 0321 menu, put film and make focus correction there. Also can make mask position adjustment - 0420 menu. These tests have do for each mask separately. To make scanner light correction use calibration mask. After that you can scan your films.
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    If paper advance is stable then length can correct on 0520 menu ( 452 menu, if minilab connected to FMPC ) . If advance not stable it is mechanical problem ( paper advance from magazine to cutter ) .
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    Minilab service

    Cant Start my 340

    OK. If minilab started you need replace battery on processor pcb. Can use similar replacement battery from any maker and solder it into the board. Force start jumper return to original position ( connect where it was connected before ) .
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    Minilab service

    Cant Start my 340

    Hello. No problem, your English good enough. We understand what you want and that is the most important. On 340 startup makes processor control pcb. Yes, battery is there. First check all breakers and a.c. circuit on minilab. Maybe something is disconnected. Then try to make minilab force start. Remove small cover ( minilab bottom, front side - where usually stands minilab operator ) . There you will find board with SSR on it. On the board (at the top in the corner) you will see jumper with two contacts. Remove it and connect to other position ( where written ON ) . Then try to run minilab again. If after that minilab will start then need replace battery on processor pcb. If will not start - can be some problem with power connection, power suppliers, control circuits and etc.
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    Minilab service

    About DE100 Softwares

    If you have DX100 installed you can connect DE100 to the same server. Just on server have to install DE100 driver and DE100 connecting software ( MSP80 ) . Just in case before installing make MS backup and HD image file ( for C and D discs ) . If something wrong - easy can return. If you want connect to other computer there have install MS01 ( server with printer support option: printer - none, scanner - none ) + DE100 driver + MSP80 + optional MS software modules ( for example MS16 and many other ) .
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    Agfa d-lab 1

    Problem with the level sensors all clogged up and needs proper cleaning. Drain the repl tanks, clean the float sensors(mostly CD)and test in service mode. Refit , fill tanks with water first etc, then drain and when all signals are good you can start a fresh docking procedure.
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    Big Dave

    v100 help

    Do not buy anything using Kodak SM replenishment - chems no longer available
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    hello i have a problem in d-lab1 and din`t solved do you have mobile phone to speak with you wahtsapp 00905370471101 thank you
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    Minilab service


    Hello. Instead QSS kids on Windows 7 or Windows 10 can use EZ controller. Can offer, if you need it. Printing interface will be the same. Just added many other features. Using EZ controller can work with minilabs ( Noritsu since QSS3101-1 and Fuji 7xxx ) , drylabs ( all Noritsu and some Fuji ) , some Epson wide printers and Noritsu USB scanners. You can work on few equipment at the same time. Can divide printers into few groups, choose default printer and etc. All plug-ins from QSS will work on EZ controller. Have all plug-ins also. Ez controller can work on 32 and 64 bits.
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