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    Minilab service


    E-2502 means fan does not rotate, rotating sensor malfunction, bad connections, missing power supply, or faulty pcb. To say more need minilab model.
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    On virtual machine use Windows XP PRO 32 bit version. Disable firewall, set correct user and password. Then install driver, MS01 and MS11. Ask your scanner and software supplier. He got your payment, so should explain all steps how to install all. Also read instillation manual, which should be with software. If can't get support from him write private message. Many times installed this scanner ( on Windows XP and Windows 7 ) and all worked well. If need have updated software to install SP=500 on W7.
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    It's working! I connected the machine to the power supply as a test today. Everything starts as it should. Many thanks to all of you!
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    Minilab service


    On Fuji 370 minilab ( LP2000 printer ) error E-2502 can cause : Missing power supply on fan (F620/F621/F622) . Anti-dust fan (F620/F621/F622) malfunction. Fan has power supply, but doesn't rotate. Rotating sensor malfunction. Fan rotates, but no level changes from fan rotation sensor. Connection error or disconnection between anti-dust fan(F620/F621/F622) and PDC13 on PDC20 circuit board Circuit protector F4 on PDC20 circuit board trip PDC20 circuit board malfunction CTL20 circuit board malfunction
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    Minilab service

    Calibration of 120 AFC-II

    Manual focus can help only if 120 carrier was registered before. Then can adjust focus manually and can scan. If carrier was not registered before you need register it. Can do it only with adjustment chart. It is possible to register without chart. Have open backup file ( scanner.lzh ) . There is file BkFocus#0.dat . Inside it are registration data for all carriers. File can be opened and edited using notepad, but do not know what to change to register 120 carrier. When open this file see many strange symbols and probably only Noritsu software can understand them.
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    This is a "standard" problem with Fuji external P2 heaters. When the lab has low production the P2 chemistry forms a layer inside the tube through the P2 heater that thermally isolate the heater causing it to reach a temperature higher that 48°C with is the tripping point of the owerheating sensor. All heating and pumps are turned of until the sensor resets at approximately 36°C. Just empty the P2 process tank, losen the tubes from the heater and clean the inside with a paper towel.
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    Why do you have to turn it ON and OFF so often? Do you want to reduce the bill for electricity?
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    minilab dks 1810D

    English please and please...
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    Dave S

    noritsu 2611 daily setup

    What values are showing for the filter calibration data? Enter the service mode. Menu, Extension, Setup, Master Data, Filter calibration data
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    Minilab service

    fuji 238 start up problem

    If you have problem with CTL00 first have to check battery and power supply voltage. Turn off minilab and with multimeter check voltage on CTL00 battery. It is 3.6V battery, so when minilab power is off you should have similar voltage there. If when minilab power is off you have low voltage on battery then you need replace it. Can use some similar replacement ( 3.6V, 3.7V ) with the same, or bigger capacity ( mAh) . If battery is OK turn on minilab and look voltage between TP5 and TP6 . There should be 5.1 - 5.4 V . If voltage is too low have adjust it using VR2 on power supply. SW2 is to load software and backup. Set SW2 to ON, put floppy with software and turn on minilab power. Software should be loaded. Then load backup. After that set SW2 to OFF, turn off minilab, remove floppy, turn on minilab and all should work. If something doesn't work check floppy disk reader and floppy disks ( with software and backup ) . Might be some of them doesn't work. If all work, but can't load software then probably CTL00 is faulty. Have use 100 % working board. Board can be tested on Fuji SFA-238 ( PP728V, PP728A, PP728W ) .
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    Minilab service

    laser status fuji 570

    G and B are good also. G works at 289 mA, when maximal on your laser is 392 mA . Fuji software allows to increase it up to 600 mA. B works at 49 mA, when maximal an your laser is 73mA. Fuji software allows to increase it up to 170 mA. On laser history R is idle. G and B during time working current was a little increased, but it is acceptable. Still have big reserve. As I told before on Fuji 500, 550, 570 common fault is broken R laser and in most cases have to repair it.
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    Minilab service

    laser status fuji 570

    R laser is good. Red laser diode typical working current is 175 mA, recommended maximal current is 210 mA and maximal pulse current even 350 mA. Now it works at 142 mA and on your software maximum limited to 188.6 mA. This limit can be increased up to 250 mA, but it is not recommended to set more than recommended maximum current for laser ( 210 mA ) . Anyway I know laser, where current from 150 to 210 increased in 5 month. Look R laser history to see changes there. On other hand laser can be repaired and work again like new. Many times repaired R on 500, 550 and 570.
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    laser status fuji 570

    @nanotron Why did you declare it? Do you have any official data of comparison MS and FE or you impressed your opinion? MS01 is newer than FE software, it has more features and more convenient. And MS and FE have NO attitude to the quality of prints. It is just a tool to control the orders and make color adjustments and all depends on the settings of the lab, quality of chemistry and level of skills of the operator. 2. As for FF570 purchase. Better to check ALL lasers. Not only red is defective there. yes, it is quite more often to be defective but we also often repair blue lasers also. So better, make the printscreens of the following menu and place here for consideration: Fr550/570 0542 B laser data 0543 G laser data 0544 R laser data 0545 Laser exposure check and error log record IMPORTANT: 0549 Laser history graph with the next page. (table with the last data!!!!) After that, all will be clear.
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    EZ controller is just printing environment. It can't cause any errors. Printer is controlled using D703 system software. All printer parameters are stored inside printer, but not on system software. The latest D703 system software - version 7. It can be installed on any Windows ( even on W10 x64 PRO ) . On W10 can work EZ controller 6.60 and latter ( the latest 6.80 ) . On D703 also can be in stalled duplex print software ( then on sheet paper can print on both sides ) . All depends how powerful your computer. On my laptop installed version 6.80 ( running without dongle ) , many system software ( for various printers and scanners ) . I use this computer, when need to test equipment for my customers. Of course on this computer installed many other, but all work well and do not cause any errors. D703 system software can be installed on two computers ( computer with EZ controller and RIP computer, this way can connect few printers ) , or only on one computer ( with EZ controller - this way can be connected only one printer ) . I almost sure, that you have hardware problem. Look error number and find troubleshooting on service manual. I have all - EZ controller, system software, manuals and knowledge how to make D703 service. Last year I installed about 50 of them. They where Fuji DL-430 ( green - white painted D703 ) . Local network of supermarkets ( Morrisons ) quit photo printing business and sold all printers very cheap. The most of them installed using Noritsu software, repaired, so perfectly know problems which can be there. Write private message, if need something.
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    Usually, laser manufacturers give 5000 hours of laser lifetime (if the equipment has a working hours counter meter). A laser lifetime depends on different factors: - design of the module - quality of assembling of the laser module - quality of the components - quality of power supply (stability of incoming voltage) - quality of the power supply unit (PSU) of a lab (for example, QSS32/34 has the worst multi-voltage PSU) etc. If to compare Fujifilm and Noritsu lasers we can say that Fujifilm lasers are much better and all of them are very reliable. Repair of Fujifilm lasers is about 3% of all laser repairs in our company. 97% of repairs gives Noritsu. And the design of Fujifilm labs allows seeing the current condition of each module just by a few clicks. It is very convenient if you want to understand when the laser will die (approximately, of course). Noritsu labs do not have such a feature. Hence if you want to check the condition of the Noritsu laser module you need to make a few actions with some tools to define the approximate resource of the module. Contact me via email if you need detailed instructions on how to define the condition of the lasers.
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    Lines On Prints With Frontier 370

    Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone can help me with this. I have a Frontier 370 LP2000SC and the prints have started to come out with a white line parallel to the transport direction. We don't know how to fix this or even what it could be. Hope someone can help me out. I'm attaching 2 photos with the lines mentioned. Thanks ! !
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    Yes, the nearer the print, the redder the line. Run a borderless contact anyway. But open the dust shutter and look up into the laser unit. If there's flakiness on the reflector then you need replacement reflectors. OR hair around the dust shutter can also cause that. So you'd need to make sure that the dust shutter exposure is free from any of that. That's both ends, the hole you looked inside the laser and the dust shutter door.
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    Right, the same thing happened to me and it was the sponge that around shutter
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    I have full QSS2701 manuals on CD (366mb) These are for the SM version, not the RA. Standalone Service Manual pdf at about 18mb (987 pages) I've uploaded to this FTP link http://www.zshare.net/download/79154404be391330/ Do not pay for offers of manauls (other than postage) on this site. This is a sharing community.
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