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    Dave S


    Check the fibre optic ports on the processor control PCB are not blocked with debris, trim the ends of the fibre optic cables with the special cutter. Until you have communication with the processor control PCB, everything in the processor will be turned off. Of course it could be a faulty processor control PCB.
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    Minilab service

    FE S3 software

    Something wrong in your message. There are 7 S3 CDs. S3-1 - Variety Print Software , S3-2 - Template Data Vol.1 , S3-3 - Template Data Vol.2 , S3-4 - Template Data Vol.3 , S3-5 - Template Data Vol.4 , S3-6 - Template Data Vol.5 , S3-7 - Template Editing Tool. Can't be, that all 7 CD broken. You wrote that you have Template Editing Tool and it is S3-7. S7 not related with templates. S7 is Multi-DICII Connection Software.
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    Minilab service

    IP-64 driver

    Are we owe you something and have to send files? You got replay here and know that driver for Windows 10 doesn't exist. Driver you have to ask your equipment supplier. If they supplied printer should give driver also Printer is old and nowadays can find many better thermal sublimation printers. If wanna to use it printer driver and manuals are here. https://files.fm/down.php?i=qw4rk8ue
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    Minilab service


    Do you really think, that we understand your language? This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions.
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    Minilab service

    D703 cut alignment issue

    If paper length is OK then cutter works well. Try make printing center correction ( from mechanical adjustments ) . On mechanical adjustments there are more settings, but they affect all papers.
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    Minilab service

    3201 Ez Controller

    QSS3201 can be connected to EZ controller directly. To connect QSS2901 need one more computer - with EZ Lab software. EZ controller works like QSS Kids. QSS Kids is old software, which can be installed on Windows XP. EZ controller can be installed on any Windows - even on W10 x64. I have EZ controller, connection software ( to connect QSS3101-1 and latter ) , EZ Lab and all optional modules. Write private message, if need something.
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    On Fuji laser heads are controlled by LDD. AOM crystals controlled by LDA, FMC, GMC or GEP board ( depends on minilab model ) .
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    Import Order EZ Controller

    Hi! Is it possible to export/import a scanning job (order) with its .RAW files to another PC running EZ?
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    Minilab service

    Epson 7880 error code 00010014

    00010014 means pressurizing failure. The printer causes this error and stops operation if it detects an abnormal condition of the pressure sensor (air leak from the pressurizing mechanism) during the power-on initialization operation or while performing ink supply operation. Possible causes: problem is with the ink cartridge, pressure motor failure, connector of the pressure motor, regulator solenoid or pressure sensor is disconnected, the harness of the pressure motor, regulator solenoid or pressure sensor is broken, regulator solenoid failure (does not become ON), pressure sensor failure, pressure tube is disconnected, fuse for the solenoid or the motor driver is blown (on the main board) . Remove the ink cartridge then insert it again. If this does not work try replace ink cartridge. If will not help - reconnect the connectors of the pressure motor, regulator solenoid or pressure sensor securely, check pressure tube, connection, replace PUMP ASSY., SUPPLY, replace the BOARD ASSY., MAIN .
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    Minilab service

    About DE100 Softwares

    If you do not like Fuji software then can use software from third party companies. Even can make your own printing interface, which could use printer driver. For example SL-D700 DX100 Frontier-S could run using software from these companies : https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/ https://www.digitalprolab.com/Support/express-digital/download-darkroom.html http://www.darkroomsoftware.com/products/workflow-software/features/ https://www.insituafx.com/ http://carbonlab.shiraz-software.com https://dinax.com/?lang=en and many, many other.
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