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    Minilab service

    2x SP3000

    Hello. Scanner can work stand alone. When used with minilab scanner can be connected to tethered printer, or connected to FMPC. It is possible to connect few stand alone scanners to one server, Of course if both scanners have the same name, or the same network settings one computer settings should be changed. On scanner computer can be installed only Windows 2000 ( even with latest software ) . On server computer can be Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit. All depends which software use on server. If need more information about software, help to install ( can do online ) , or something else - write private message. I had to install and repair many SP-3000, so about them know everything.
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    Minilab service

    circulation pump stopped!!!

    Check processor cover switch. When cover opened all circulation pumps stopped. Can be switch has bad contacts, or not pressed good. Turn off film processor and check switch with multi-meter. When switch connected resistance between contacts should be 0 Ohm Did processor stopped to rotate? If not then missing circulation should't effect 5 frames.
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    Ctl20 eeprom dumb file

    Hi everyone, do somebody have eeprom dumb file for the ctl20 board? Thanks for your answer
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    Minilab service

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Similar pumps used on Fuji FP230 film processor and Fuji FA-COMPACT paper processors ( PP400B, PP401B, PP540B, PP541B and similar ) . On film processor used different size pumps. On picture - pump from FP232B . This picture is from Ebay, but pump already sold. If no leakage you can fix your pump. Turn on film processor and look in which tank circulation is the best. Then drain all working tanks and remove pump. Wash and clean working tanks and pipes. Then disassemble pump and wash all elements. Element, which had the best circulation put to N1 position. Worse elements can use on STB. After pipe and pump elements washing all tank circulation should be better. Yes, you can use some other pump on N1. Just look liquid current direction. It should be the same, as with old pump. To change liquid current direction need change pump input with output. Pump power should be enough for your working tank. On pumps you can see pump capacity ( l/min ) . To control original pump used D2W203 series SSR ( SSR12 on PWA32 board ) . It has working current about 3 A. SSR power should be enough to connect second pump, which usually is about 0.2A. Pump should be 100 V a.c. If you want connect many pumps then to original pump wires need connect non-latching relay with 100 - 120 V a.c coil. Then pumps should be connected through this relay. Also need to use some additional fuse.
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    If test is deep blue then on paper yellow is missing. First try to replace B AOM driver. If it will not help then can be faulty laser head, laser control pcb, or some other. I have B laser and board for your minilab. I repair them and can exchange your not working. Write private message, if need them.
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