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    I know exactly where the 24V/36V power supply is located! What I'm saying is the fibre optic cables run in the same location as those cables which had to be moved and unclipped in order to slide out the draw. I can see 2 fibre optic cables right underneath the 2 red cables! You don't need to remove the image processing from the machine, just remove the black cover and the black panel on the left, then you can see the image processing PCB and check if the fibre optic cables are pushed fully in. You have no communication with the image processing PCB, so you have to check it in order to move forward and try to solve the problem.
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    Anyway you need to check why have not communication between computer and image processing pcb. These boards are connected directly. When have 6901-0080 error can be bad ARCNET connection on PCI/ARCNET conversion pcb, bad ARCNET connection on image processing boards, missing power supply on image processing pcb doesn't work ( no response ) . Check power suppliers on image processing section boards ( image processing, image correction, digital ice ) . Try connect ARCNET cables from image processing to different connectors ( on PCI/ARCNET conversion pcb ) , cut off ends of cables ( 90 degree, use special cutter ) . If all that will not help need reconnect ARCNET cables on image processing pcb. If will not work - try remove image correction and digital ICE pcb. If still will not work need check image processing pcb, or RAM ( if old model ) .
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