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    Minilab service


    W2643 means P2RB replenisher pump (PU723) malfunctions. Can be pump malfunction due to bent or clogged hose, faulty replenishment pump (due to hardened bellows, faulty rotation sensor or motor), poorly connected or broken harness ( PU723 and PDB5 or PDB3 on PDB23 pcb, CTL12 on the CTL23 pcb and the PDB1 on PDB23 pcb, CTL10 on CTL23 pcb and the JNE1 on JNE23 pcb ) . Also can be faulty PDB23, or CTL23 circuit board. First check do you have power supply on the pump. Then can see, what is wrong.
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    Kis dks 1510

    i have many 1510 spare parts in house
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