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    Mr Noritsu

    General Maintence

    Sorry mate, there is no excuse for lack of maintenance. These machines cost more than a car, and you look after a new car don't you? It does not have to be a huge deal - I do one rack each week, usually on a Wed arvo when we are traditionally quiet. It takes about an hour to clean and check the rack, and replace any parts. If it is a stabiliser rack, I might also drop the tank, clean it, and remix a fresh solution. That means on my machine, I'm checking the racks every 6 weeks - there are times when it is all done in 15 mins, but I still lock out an hour to do it. Compressed air and a vacuum are the best for the cabinet area to get rid of paper dust. Don't try to do it all in one session, it just isn't worth it.
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    It's working! I connected the machine to the power supply as a test today. Everything starts as it should. Many thanks to all of you!
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    6214-0003 means even though paper was advanced for a specified dimension, paper sensor 1 did not turn LIGHT. Clean paper sensor 1. Check it on input check, post-exposure advance section, post-exposure advance 1. There paper sensor 1 should be light ( when no paper ) and dark ( when paper detected ) . If have not it - try adjust paper sensor 1 on paper sensor adjustment menu. Can do it manually, or automatically. If after that will not work check voltages on sensor ( transmitter and receiver ) . Look voltage changes, when sensor closed and not. If sensor not working - replace it. If sensor works, but software doesn't see it then can be bad contacts ( connectors, or broke wire ) , or not working board.
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    Fuji 330 has two computers - internal minilab computer and external computer ( server ) . On minilab computer can be used only Windows 2000. On server can use any computer. On server can be installed Windows 2000, Windows XP , W7 32 bit, or W10 64. If you want on your server to use Windows XP SP3 then find any older PC, which can work on Windows XP. Motherboard should have XP drivers. On server can be used C4/C5 ( the latest version ) , S2 software, or MS01 ( version 3.1, or 4.2 CD for XP ) . Server software depends what is installed on internal minilab computer.
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    Ms01 ver 4.2R available

    Dear copyright-protection, please advise your legal status - Are you part of Fujifilm Company? Or part of legal company that represent them? Who are you? On which behalf are you posting above statements? If you do not come up with your legal status, I am assuming that you are just someone who already stole "the software" and try make more profit by cleaning the competition. Let me also remind you (as lawyer to lawyer - assuming you are such one) that posting anonymous treats over the internet is also punishable by law in many countries
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    Possibly redundant, but 'back-in-the-day' I generated this little calculator in Excel for mixing start-up chemistry (Dev) with rep rates pre-formatted as stated. Just key in your tank volume........... Might be still useful to someone out there? Starter Mixing Calculator.xls
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    Minilab service

    White Print

    I saw white a little reddish, when CD was too strong. Look replenishment rates and check replenishment pumps. Also can be that CD was contaminated. It is easy to find out is bad white due CD, or other chemicals ( BF + STB ) . Have open processor top cover and put magnet on cover sensor ( minilab should see that cover is closed ) . Then run remove top turn rack, which is between rack 1 and rack 2 and run processor. Take piece of not processed paper and put into 2nd rack ( BF ) . Paper on output should be white. If not - problem with STB, or BF. If paper is white return turn rack and close processor. In dark room put piece of photographic paper into control strip holder. Then run minilab processor and put control strip holder into hole on processor top cover. Paper will be full processed. End of paper should be black ( it was fogged ) and other part ( which was inside holder ) should be white.
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    Minilab service

    3201 Ez Controller

    QSS3201 can be connected to EZ controller directly. To connect QSS2901 need one more computer - with EZ Lab software. EZ controller works like QSS Kids. QSS Kids is old software, which can be installed on Windows XP. EZ controller can be installed on any Windows - even on W10 x64. I have EZ controller, connection software ( to connect QSS3101-1 and latter ) , EZ Lab and all optional modules. Write private message, if need something.
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    Minilab service


    E-2502 means fan does not rotate, rotating sensor malfunction, bad connections, missing power supply, or faulty pcb. To say more need minilab model.
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    On virtual machine use Windows XP PRO 32 bit version. Disable firewall, set correct user and password. Then install driver, MS01 and MS11. Ask your scanner and software supplier. He got your payment, so should explain all steps how to install all. Also read instillation manual, which should be with software. If can't get support from him write private message. Many times installed this scanner ( on Windows XP and Windows 7 ) and all worked well. If need have updated software to install SP=500 on W7.
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    Yes, you need to make the wiring changes per the attached diagram. V Series Single Phase Wiring.pdf
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    Minilab service

    About DE100 Softwares

    If you do not like Fuji software then can use software from third party companies. Even can make your own printing interface, which could use printer driver. For example SL-D700 DX100 Frontier-S could run using software from these companies : https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/ https://www.digitalprolab.com/Support/express-digital/download-darkroom.html http://www.darkroomsoftware.com/products/workflow-software/features/ https://www.insituafx.com/ http://carbonlab.shiraz-software.com https://dinax.com/?lang=en and many, many other.
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    Minilab service

    Arcnet communication error

    Perfectly know how to solve this problem, but you can expect to get answer, when question will be in English. This is international forum and you should respect other members. All questions posted in other languages will be ignored.
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    Noritsu qss 2901

    Possibly the floppy disk DRIVE on your QSS-2901 is not working with age. Try to read the floppy disk on other PC QSS-2901 [ calibration plate Unit A ] part no. should be Z021440-01 (replacing old part no. I090171-00 ) at crazily sky price Noritsu Japan is still selling Data inside the floppy disk is unique and MUST match the calibration plate as is sold as a SET. Good Luck !
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    Russians say "if the problem is real, then it will surely make itself known." Therefore, we must relax and wait for the problem to become regular. Only then will it be possible to look for its causes.
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    Yes, you can upgrade your PC to the more powerful model. Please read more about minilab PC upgrade on my website here: https://minilablaser.com/
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    Mini Lab Help - SOLD

    I will let the new owners introduce themselves once the finer details and full hand over is complete. I understand that the main model will still be in place.
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    Have change board, or repair it. Board repair is not driver changing. Engineer should be experienced and change what is really faulty.
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    Problem on PDC20. It is typical fault on 350, 355, 370, 375. Many times repaired these boards, when motor randomly rotated to different direction.
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    Hi Dave and Yustas, Just to close this one out, the waste pipe had a blockage that was making the P2 overflow back into the P1. Cleared it out and 100% back in normal operation. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    6136-00001 - Exposure advance pressure change sensor 1 does not turn DARK from LIGHT even though the exposure advance pressure change motor 1 has moved for the specified length. Can be faulty sensor, motor, or control boards. Open printer doors and put magnets on sensors. Then go to output check and run exposure advance pressure change motor 1. Look this motor rotates, or not. If rotates - make sure that exposure advance pressure change sensor 1 is closed well. If it is opened and closed, but you do not see status changes on menu then can be sensor faulty. If motor doesn't rotate can be faulty motor, burned fuse F32 on Printer I/O PCB 1, faulty printer I/O PCB 1, printer control PCB, printer power supply 1. If sensor doesn't work can be printer I/O PCB 3, printer control PCB, multi power supply.
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    Minilab service

    qss 3111

    H001 was released after G001. Both versions support multicore CPU. Sorry, but both software versions for W2K only. Can upgrade only computer hardware.
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    Negative Carrier 3011

    I only try to assist without selling my business. with the little information given by the original post who still hasn't added any meaningful information. I will leave it at that, For anyone asking for help, Give more detail what error number sub number what sensor is showing abnormal. We are all here to help
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    Dave S

    Kodak G4 - Os Recovery/System Cd

    Here is the recovery DVD for 8807- Y12 (PC19 & PC20) https://transfer.pcloud.com/download.html?code=5Z238aZ7fzhGUdTh5kZ9YFzZ24fITfUkjYLVma9XkwbHqfzO1Pv7
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    Hello. If you have XP version with dongle can upgrade it to version Ez controller 6.60. If you want can help move your XP version to new computer running on any Windows ( even Windows 10 x64 ) . If you have XP version working without dongle can offer new instillation on new computer running latest EZ controller without dongle. All settings from previous computer can be transferred. Can run it on any Windows. Contact, if interested.
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    DKS3 centering issue

    No problem, actually I done it like this for the first time a month ago at customer site as there was a problem on one side with both feeders (EXT & INT), so I had to do it in unofficial way . Maybe I could report this "solution" I found out to KIS, but I am not sure they would like it. I got impression during few training courses in Grenoble, that they are not found off my unofficial way of solving some problems, like my implementation off auto logon function after restart (no need to press nothing to log on and DKS software is automatically started after restart or shut down, nice solution if there is power out during night, as doing it in my way minilab would be heated to set temperature, up and running in the morning), which I pull out on DKS3 machine on which the training was done, the trainer was not happy with my solution But I recommend to test it with WB print as doing like that would really center the image on the print, and then you can do WB print if needed Regarding the Front & Back values, maybe they should be increased for the same amount, and not set to a same value as I previously stated, specially if the original values difference between Front & Back is big, I think this logic is better then to set it to same values ?
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    DKS3 centering issue

    Oh, I forgot, the numbers I posted here are from one DKS3, but off course the numbers on your DKS3 will be different, also, the right magazine (standard) values to change are under INT, and left (external if exist) are under EXT values
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    DKS3 centering issue

    Yes, you can change the values manually in TransportPapier.ini file in parametres folder. But I think you have more off angle problem, and maybe up/down or even left/right, but that can be checked only when doing white border print, which I recommend to do when doing centering manually like this so it is perfect in both axis. This is the part off the Transport Papier.ini file with parametres with which you can play with, make a copy off the original file first, then put the shortcut to the TransportPapier.ini on the desktop, so it is faster to access it, exit the DKS application, change the values and start again the application and do another test with WB. I do not remember the values I changed and did not written it done, but you can first try to correct the angle (change in small increments +/- from the original values and test. It is time consuming process off course, my customer even had external cassette and issue on both boards, so it took even more time, but... [PHD2] PISTE_BACK_INT=3.400000 (X axis, back paper, I think ?) PISTE_BACK_EXT=0 OFF_BACK=0.000000 PISTE_FRONT_INT=3.230000 (X axis, front paper, I think ?) PISTE_FRONT_EXT=0 OFF_FRONT_INT=0.000000 OFF_BACK_INT=0.000000 OFF_FRONT_EXT=0 OFF_BACK_EXT=0 [ANGLE_DEBITEUR] INT=0.040000 (try to change this value first, for ex. to 0.100000 and if it is worst, then try -0.100000) EXT=0 .... [CENTRAGE_DEBITEUR_INTERIEUR] LATERAL=-2.770000 (Y axis, same for double or single cassette) OFF_BACK=0.000000 OFF_FRONT=0.000000 If you are not using double cassette at all then put both front and back values to same, as I am not sure which one is used for single cassette or the software is doing some interpolation off those values ? Lateral offset in S.U. is ment for center laterally each cassette magazine, other then most used one like 15.2 or 10.2 on which this centering is done as master cassette, kind off, not really in KIS, but one which is mostly used
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    Kodak Picture Kiosk Gs Compact

    Hi, here you have the OS and the software for your GS http://fastupload.rol.ro/546839dd0b56cb28001e25d88109d8eb.html the link will be available only for couple of days
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    Hello. Manual from Droipbox is for all QSS35 series minilabs. F - just minilab replenishment system. There used Fuji CP-49 cartridge. QSS3501i and QSS3501 laser models have different software. For laser versions lattest version 12. Have it. Pay attention - if you have QSS3501 F PLUS then service manual and software will be different, Minilabs can run on Fuji software or Noritsu software. Fuji 7000 = Noritsu QSS3501i F PLUS Fuji 7100 = Noritsu QSS3501 F PLUS Fuji 7200 = Noritsu QSS3502 F PLUS Have both software ( Fuji and Noritsu ) Write p.m. if need any.
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    Lp5700 Print Size 60 Cm

    I am so sorry to disappoint you all, guys, but L1 software costs certain money. Just call to your local Fujifilm representative office and ask for the current price. And then you will understand that to ask to "share" it is not seriously.
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    Qss-34 Light Leak

    As I said the roller is mounted in a plastic frame so static builds up wrap some copper wire round the shaft and earth it to one of the screws on the preasure plate Noritsu use fine antistatic brushes to dissipate static but the unit is tight for room,
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    When i used fmpc with c4/c5 there was no problem, but when i use fe software there is problem e-5201: transferring image from fmpc to printer failed. i can't find any solution. Help pls. Thanks
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    To All Active Forum Users

    Don't be affraid. Please put as minimum country or country notification either shortcut in the profile... a. it's good to know I have helped someone in US or RPA. My wife will be proud, children suprised b. we could avoid parts purchase offers from New Zealand to Norway as demo example. Desperates can get offers on priv or can ask in private.
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    This will change (fix) the ballance only on the formats which are using lens1 (small mag lens) and with LCD rotated for 90 deg But to change (fix) the balance on the larger prints (ex. 30x40), you have to change the R, G & B offset associated with that lens Off course to do it perfectly there is procedure for it (using the 30,5 cm paper on all 3 setup prints), and external densitometer whith spot reading (Barbieri, Gretag, X-Rite ...) I can explain this in more detail tomorrow during my work hours after posting the raleted TIE document
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    Hello Simone. Have this hot-fix. Contact p.m or email to get it.
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    The same manual for all Noritsu scanners - S2, S3, S4 and SI-II. Files ENSCANNERSER_1.pdf ( manual ) and ENSCANNERSEQ_1.pdf ( diagrams ) .
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    Fuji 39) On Fe Ok

    Hi to all First i would like to thank this forum his people and the community. The aim of this post is to clarify a problem that have been bothering people here for long (How to install fe or s2 on fuji 390?) I say yes it is possible. Dont read what fuji manuals write and try to tell people here what to do while you have never try to install one. To those whow want to install the fe on their fuji 390 here is what you need Fuji A1: ver 7.7 i have it S2 cd: Sp6a for win nt4 Win installer application for win nt4 to be found in s2 cd All this would be ok if you know about computer Thank mister baya you are a good guy. Please mister NEIL TONY give me minilab help address i want to make donnation by western union Thank.
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    Kodakuser1 Password

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    Minilab service

    Ms01 V4.0 Problems

    "servmanmex" asked how change correction steps in MS01. On private message I told him how to do it and he promised to give me something for my advice. Sorry, but he is not reliable and didn't keep given word. He ignored my private messages and emails. Sorry, that we have this kind of cheaters. How can trust someone after that. "servmanmex" is cheater from Mexico, who few times changed his user name. Probably to delete all given promises change user name again. His email grana2f@gmail.com . On this forum he is known as "servmanmex" or "granher390" . If someone know his new user name please write it here. Forum should know to avoid him.
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    Minilab service

    Lp 2500 (F370) Instalation

    MS01 is enough. You have install it on FMPC and workstation. Which MS01 version do you have ? You have FMPC driver. It is on MS01 CD. Here where can find drivers on some versions : version 2.1 ez171\fmpc xp drivers\drivers\xp\ieee1394forprinter version 2.5.5 ASK SP3000\FMPC XP Drivers\Drivers\xp\IEEE1394forPrinter version 3.2 EZ171\fmpc xp drivers\Drivers\xp\IEEE1394forPrinter version 4.2 EZ171\FMPC W7 Drivers\Install\Drivers\win7\IEEE1394forPrinter Inside folder "IEEE1394forPrinter" will be .inf file and you should use it with your Ratoc card. After driver instillation have make firewire configuration (VDentry value ) . When you use FMPC your printer CTL board should have EPROM version 2. To see EPROM version browse minilab menu and can see it on minilab LCD.
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    Dear All Friends I send Manuals for 8800 and 6850
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    The basic data is the data that was in the machine when it left the factory, the thing is settings change over time so often this data is out of date and really should only be used as a starting pont before all the mechanical and setup adjustments are done again. Your backup data is better than the basic data as it's current. The setup filter is a glass filter with a metal holed disk fitted on top it. You may have to remove it to check it properly. I’m guessing when you say you clean the densitometer regularly you mean you clean it through the slot the print reads in? It probably needs the whole densitometer unit to be removed from the machine and cleaned inside the optics get very dusty internally after years of use. You can check the operation of the lens deck motor in output check mode, keep moving it left to right and listen for any abnormal sounds. It may need to be greased a little. If it is banging on the ends, check the home sensor is clean and the connections going to it are good. If it is making some odd noises, (kind of squealing nose!) this can mean the PM driver for the lens deck motor is damaged. Check the ANM is feeding the negative properly too. The problem with light/ dark images on the screen may be caused by bad connections on the scanner camera. Just unplug and re-plug all the connectors going to the scanner camera. The other thoughts I had were the software version of the boards you swapped may be different to what is in the rest of the machine. You can check this in the system version check display which is under maintenance. Yes that’s a good idea to print without the mask/VFP in place that will eliminate that as the cause.
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    Please Help Blue Line Cross Photo

    We do not recommend to interfere into the laser unit if you have no experience in laser parts service. Better to call out a service engineer who will do at its best.
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    Seems pretty straight forward. Buy an HP computer, get a Timer Card, hook up power & "on/off switch" to it from inside the PC, move the SCSI card from old PC into new PC, restore OS from HP recovery DVD, then just basic 330 software install and restore of earlier settings backup. Nothing extraordinary, just something that anyone here could probably have told you for free.
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    Image Box Images

    You can create new borders templates and calendars using the Agfa layout program. If you need it then send me a mail as I do not visit the forum often.
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    es posible que tengas problemas con la correa de la guillotina. saludos
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    S1, S11, S13

    I can provide the above softwares
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    You can try these steps: - Restore good back up data. - check Image Processing PCB and Image Correction PCBs by store approximate 100 files to HDD and check all stored files are good or not: if they are GOOD, you can make sure Image Processing PCB and Image Correction PCBs are OK, try to check another parts.
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    S8 Frontier Menager Ii Software

    Mail me, I can send it to you
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