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    6214-0003 means even though paper was advanced for a specified dimension, paper sensor 1 did not turn LIGHT. Clean paper sensor 1. Check it on input check, post-exposure advance section, post-exposure advance 1. There paper sensor 1 should be light ( when no paper ) and dark ( when paper detected ) . If have not it - try adjust paper sensor 1 on paper sensor adjustment menu. Can do it manually, or automatically. If after that will not work check voltages on sensor ( transmitter and receiver ) . Look voltage changes, when sensor closed and not. If sensor not working - replace it. If sensor works, but software doesn't see it then can be bad contacts ( connectors, or broke wire ) , or not working board.
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    Fuji 330 has two computers - internal minilab computer and external computer ( server ) . On minilab computer can be used only Windows 2000. On server can use any computer. On server can be installed Windows 2000, Windows XP , W7 32 bit, or W10 64. If you want on your server to use Windows XP SP3 then find any older PC, which can work on Windows XP. Motherboard should have XP drivers. On server can be used C4/C5 ( the latest version ) , S2 software, or MS01 ( version 3.1, or 4.2 CD for XP ) . Server software depends what is installed on internal minilab computer.
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    Ms01 ver 4.2R available

    Dear copyright-protection, please advise your legal status - Are you part of Fujifilm Company? Or part of legal company that represent them? Who are you? On which behalf are you posting above statements? If you do not come up with your legal status, I am assuming that you are just someone who already stole "the software" and try make more profit by cleaning the competition. Let me also remind you (as lawyer to lawyer - assuming you are such one) that posting anonymous treats over the internet is also punishable by law in many countries
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    Possibly redundant, but 'back-in-the-day' I generated this little calculator in Excel for mixing start-up chemistry (Dev) with rep rates pre-formatted as stated. Just key in your tank volume........... Might be still useful to someone out there? Starter Mixing Calculator.xls
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    To make sure, that scanner works use older computer ( just for test ) and Ratoc PCIFW4. When you can install A1 ( the latest 1.8-0E-016 ) , or MS11 ( the latest 2.0-0E-030 ) , load backup and see, that software works perfectly then use the same version to install on new computer ( with firewire on PCI-E ) . Now you do not know what doesn't work - scanner ( image box ) , or computer ( firewire card, or some other hardware ) .
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    Ratoc PCIFW4 would be fine. The same board used inside image box. If Ratoc PCIFW4 is from Fuji need slightly modify it ( to have correct scanner power management ) . If have not PCI slot use some older motherboard. Original Toshiba computers are old, so use similar age motherboard. Toshiba PE55204PFF31 - motherboard SHU-7551, chipset i845E + 82801DB , CPU Pentium 4 2.40GHz Socket 478, 2 x 512 MB RAM Toshiba PE55134PFF11 - motherboard SHU-9234, chipset i915G + 82801FB , CPU Pentium 4 3.40GHz Socket 775, 2 x 512 MB RAM
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    Dave S

    Qss 3111 printing in black HELP

    To test the image processing boards run the data transfer test. Enter the service mode, go to Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Data Transfer Test Click Yes Data Transfer. Check the results are all showing Good.
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    Minilab service

    Image Processing Module For DL430

    Probably you installed wrong, or chose wrong instillation option. Ask your software supplier and they explain you everything. Many times installed Noritsu software on Fuji DL430 and all they work well. When used Noritsu software on DL430 additionally can be installed duplex print software. Then on double side sheet paper can print duplex.
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    Dave S

    Ez Controller Software Download

    Can someone send me a free copy of the latest ***insert name of expensive software here*** to livinginafantasyworld@gmail.com
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    Noritsu 35

    hey, Dave you have right it chemistry, thx for all reply.
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    On server can be used three software : C4/C5 software S2 software MS01 ( version 3.1, or 4.2 CD for XP ) . Which software you had? Server software depends what is installed on internal minilab computer. Do not recommend to use .tib file from other computer. There some setting will be different ( for example server name, network settings, user group and etc ) and your minilab ( or scanner ) have not communication with server. More easy to install Windows XP, make computer settings and install server software, which you need ( C4/C5, S2 or MS01 ) . If your computer is broken, but HD is working then make this HD image file. Then take any older computer and connect HD there. On BIOS settings choose IDE mode for SATA disk. Then run computer, find missing drivers, set network ( IP, mask ) and can work as you worked before.
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    mon pc client et en panne j ai perdu le system fuji frontier je cherche si quelqun oeut me foournire une image backup.tib xp 32 bit
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    Minilab service

    FP232B CN16L Low Throughput

    Replenishment rates and temperatures can be corrected on maintenance mode 2. Look service manual. There you find all settings.
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    Look LED1 status on processor relay pcb. If it is dark , but CD temperature goes up then faulty processor relay pcb.
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    oh wait, i miss the picture you've attached, your problem is with the plate , try cleaning plate, and densitometer, maybe some dust blocked the reading , try to blow it up .
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    Minilab service

    CTL20 Upgrade

    LP1500/LP2000 software upgrade to 7.7-0X-030 is on A1 CD for 350/370 version 7.7-0E-201 ( SP-1500/SP-2000 ) and on S9 ( 3.0-0E-511 ) . MS01 version 3.1 and 4.2 for XP have upgrade tools for LP1500/LP2000. Hope there will be the same version. Software can't upgrade ROM version. Need replace chip to have version 2 there.
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    Michael Hope

    Frontier 355 prints all 5mm short

    Hi, can anyone help? No matter what paper width or cassette used, all the prints coming off our Fuji Frontier 355 are all 4-5mm short in length. Many thanks in advance.
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    Optical magnification calibration is to find correct values for exact scanner zoom . They are to have positions, where zoom should stop to have correct magnification. For these zoom rates on 0347 menu need to make focus calibration ( to have similar focus when zoom is in different positions ) . 0321 menu makes focus only on one zoom rate. Focus on other zoom positions depends how good it was calibrated on 0347.
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    PZR_ADJ.BIN is stored on backup. It is one of files inside backup archive ( file In_Unit.001 ) .
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    Probably this .bin file store pixel replacement parameters. These settings can't cause this line. If to scan when selected small print size then micro-movement doesn't work.
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    I know exactly where the 24V/36V power supply is located! What I'm saying is the fibre optic cables run in the same location as those cables which had to be moved and unclipped in order to slide out the draw. I can see 2 fibre optic cables right underneath the 2 red cables! You don't need to remove the image processing from the machine, just remove the black cover and the black panel on the left, then you can see the image processing PCB and check if the fibre optic cables are pushed fully in. You have no communication with the image processing PCB, so you have to check it in order to move forward and try to solve the problem.
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    There certainly were never any schematics released for the SB-3. With machines of this era everything was on paper manuals, which have long gone. All I have on PDF are the parts list. 99% of the problems with the SB-3 are mechanical issues, broken magnets, worn roller bearings, snapped drive belt, damaged tongues etc. If you have any specific questions I will try to answer them for you.
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    Can I help you
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    This is due to under replenishment of the BF (P2) You need to check the replenisher rates are correct and that the replenisher pumps are outputting the correct amount.
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    On SP3000 mainly noise give GPA23 and GIA23, but can be other problems ( RAM, GMB23 ) . If your image box has two GPA23 boards can test when removed one of them. Then test with other. Also try to clean RAM modules. Box can tested with one RAM module ( gives error, but can to scan ) . This way can test RAM modules. GIA23 is only one, so need replace, if want to test it. GMB23 ( image box main board ) is programmable. It is hard to change it, so better to use for test other image box. Then you can 100% know what cause lines - box, or scanner unit.
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    Dave S

    Es Controller printers.

    No. Only the Fuji branded Noritsu printers can run EZcontroller.
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    Minilab service

    2x SP3000

    Hello. Scanner can work stand alone. When used with minilab scanner can be connected to tethered printer, or connected to FMPC. It is possible to connect few stand alone scanners to one server, Of course if both scanners have the same name, or the same network settings one computer settings should be changed. On scanner computer can be installed only Windows 2000 ( even with latest software ) . On server computer can be Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit. All depends which software use on server. If need more information about software, help to install ( can do online ) , or something else - write private message. I had to install and repair many SP-3000, so about them know everything.
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    Minilab service

    circulation pump stopped!!!

    Check processor cover switch. When cover opened all circulation pumps stopped. Can be switch has bad contacts, or not pressed good. Turn off film processor and check switch with multi-meter. When switch connected resistance between contacts should be 0 Ohm Did processor stopped to rotate? If not then missing circulation should't effect 5 frames.
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    Minilab service

    ISO FP232B pumps

    Similar pumps used on Fuji FP230 film processor and Fuji FA-COMPACT paper processors ( PP400B, PP401B, PP540B, PP541B and similar ) . On film processor used different size pumps. On picture - pump from FP232B . This picture is from Ebay, but pump already sold. If no leakage you can fix your pump. Turn on film processor and look in which tank circulation is the best. Then drain all working tanks and remove pump. Wash and clean working tanks and pipes. Then disassemble pump and wash all elements. Element, which had the best circulation put to N1 position. Worse elements can use on STB. After pipe and pump elements washing all tank circulation should be better. Yes, you can use some other pump on N1. Just look liquid current direction. It should be the same, as with old pump. To change liquid current direction need change pump input with output. Pump power should be enough for your working tank. On pumps you can see pump capacity ( l/min ) . To control original pump used D2W203 series SSR ( SSR12 on PWA32 board ) . It has working current about 3 A. SSR power should be enough to connect second pump, which usually is about 0.2A. Pump should be 100 V a.c. If you want connect many pumps then to original pump wires need connect non-latching relay with 100 - 120 V a.c coil. Then pumps should be connected through this relay. Also need to use some additional fuse.
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    There are three S2 versions - for 350/370, 500 and 550/570. Maybe would be possible to use other version, but have not all features. For example to install server with SP-500 scanner can do it with S2 version for Fuji 500. MS01 is universal software, but even there to install different minilabs, dry printers, or scanners need install optional modules. For example to connect SP-500 need install MS11 ( version for SP-500 ) , to connect LP-5000 need install MSP49, DX100 - MSP48, DE100 - MSP80 and etc.
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    Minilab service

    Noritsu IP64 Drivers needed

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    Can you help me?

    The last version Ez controlles is 6.8, also you need install QSS-Printer, profile and all optional software.
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    2901 doesn’t turn on

    in e.g. V50 etc. film processor,,, I038205 use P52 (+5V) & P55 (+24V) in QSS-2901 paper processor ,,,, I038205 use +5V, P54 (FAN) & P55 (+24V) to other power board(s). . ☺️
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    noritsu QSF 450L-2

    Morris do you need part list or manual service ??
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    noritsu QSF 450L-2

    yes, have a thick HARD copy parts list with several broken pages. Two decades ago ! what information you're looking for ?
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    Surviving MS15 have different templates but this is very old, the best is to create your own template and put to MS01, for this need install MS21.
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    If test is deep blue then on paper yellow is missing. First try to replace B AOM driver. If it will not help then can be faulty laser head, laser control pcb, or some other. I have B laser and board for your minilab. I repair them and can exchange your not working. Write private message, if need them.
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    Hello. It is strange to hear, that can't get help from your software supplier. When I installing something always help my customers. To get the biggest resolution go to output devices. There select output image settings and for output image quality choose 99% and output image size choose "-". Go to print channel and press Scan settings. There select high resolution. Also can choose image processing type. Then you have high resolution and good quality pictures. Size from 135 film on HS-1800 will be 6744 x 4492. If you want to save scanned images with corrections then on output image settings - output media format choose "input image + printing image". Then you get two the same files - one original and other with corrections.
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    Dave S

    QSS 2301 Auto Neg Carrier problem

    You don't need to dissemble the motor, just measure the resistance on the connector plug. My concern is a faulty motor may damage any replacement PM driver.
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    Dave S

    Film sleever and film retriever

    ENV-M6 is just an evolution of the ENV-M5. It has a better illuminated area to see the frames, and uses a better motor system for feeding the negatives in. Both models do the same job! Forget the AB-3 as you cannot get the tongues for them anymore. The only alternatives that I know of were the Bero magic puller that used thick sticky tape to remove the film.
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    Dave S

    QSS 2301 Auto Neg Carrier problem

    Download link for D018 here https://files.fm/u/xcqh25b5
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    Dave S

    QSS 2301 Auto Neg Carrier problem

    Machines without a CRT or DCP had A0## software rather that D0## software. A0## machines had no image transfer PCB. I highly doubt any CRT would still be working by now. They only just worked when they were new!! Tube failures and HVPS failures very common. The later manufacture of CRT tubes were much better. I seem to remember there being a big speed increase with D008 onwards, basically it cut and fed 3 or 4 pieces of paper and put them on the exposure belt before the first print was made, this increased the speed over feeding down a single print each time.
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    Minilab service

    Fuji 370 no magent

    If G laser is OK ( can see on service menu ) , you changed AOM driver, but still do not have magenta then probably AOM crystal is faulty. It is typical fault on these laser units. I have AOM crystals, if you need it.
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    Recovery Frontier 340

    Help, I'm looking for a Recovery CD for 340 FC5011.
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    Minilab service


    I-MS01-10202 means the order is being processed by the option software. Images are locked because optional software is using them. Finish using the optional software and retry. If the problem persists have to restart the system. Check MS14 version. Maybe it is not compatible with MS01. Try breinstall MS14 and MS15.
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    Minilab service

    problem is e-5201:

    How can be "everything OK", when you can't print? Which minilab and printer do you have? How connected - as tethered printer ( through scanner ) , or stand alone printer ( connected using FMPC ) .
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    Installed EZ controller 6.60 on MAC.
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    Eeprom Frontier 370

    If your minilab using system version 7.7 or higher, ROM version upgrade is not necessary.
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    hi i have a noritsu 2901. i have more problems. first my noritsu burn up highlights and make a " solarization" on white of color yellow or Magenta ( see the atachment file N°1 and n°2 so, in another magazine ( 30.5 cm ) make yellow in highlights, see image N°3 and 4 Anyone can help me? Please.. I am going crazy i have sistema G002 and profile data 2.02 paper: fuji Cristal archive
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    Stipes on my photos

    Dear stefano, Please read all my posts to your questions VERY attentievly. I wrote to you that if you have no change after AOM driver swapping - the problem is inside the laser unit. We can solve this problem. If you need it- let me know and I will send you all details in email or to PM.
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