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    Ms01 ver 4.2R available

    Dear copyright-protection, please advise your legal status - Are you part of Fujifilm Company? Or part of legal company that represent them? Who are you? On which behalf are you posting above statements? If you do not come up with your legal status, I am assuming that you are just someone who already stole "the software" and try make more profit by cleaning the competition. Let me also remind you (as lawyer to lawyer - assuming you are such one) that posting anonymous treats over the internet is also punishable by law in many countries
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    Possibly redundant, but 'back-in-the-day' I generated this little calculator in Excel for mixing start-up chemistry (Dev) with rep rates pre-formatted as stated. Just key in your tank volume........... Might be still useful to someone out there? Starter Mixing Calculator.xls
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    CrossOver qss37( frontier 7700)

    Problem solved , I replaced the SSR1 relay
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    oh wait, i miss the picture you've attached, your problem is with the plate , try cleaning plate, and densitometer, maybe some dust blocked the reading , try to blow it up .
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    Michael Hope

    Frontier 355 prints all 5mm short

    Hi, can anyone help? No matter what paper width or cassette used, all the prints coming off our Fuji Frontier 355 are all 4-5mm short in length. Many thanks in advance.
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    I found a loose wire in the serial connector that plugs into the computer. Now it works fine. Thanks for all of the help everyone!
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    Can I help you
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    Can be that have noise, but test software not always see it. GMB23 ( image box main board ) has internal software. It is loaded during software instillation. When board changed need run software upgrade for this board. Do not need full software re-instillation. Need install software only on one board ( option from advanced instillation ) . To replace GMB23 is necessary full dissemble image box, so better to find other image box and test scanner with it. If software version is the same ( or similar ) then do not need to update.
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    Minilab service

    Lines on images

    On SP3000 mainly noise give GPA23 and GIA23, but can be other problems ( RAM, GMB23 ) . If your image box has two GPA23 boards can test when removed one of them. Then test with other. Also try to clean RAM modules. Box can tested with one RAM module ( gives error, but can to scan ) . This way can test RAM modules. GIA23 is only one, so need replace, if want to test it. GMB23 ( image box main board ) is programmable. It is hard to change it, so better to use for test other image box. Then you can 100% know what cause lines - box, or scanner unit.
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    Dave S

    Es Controller printers.

    No. Only the Fuji branded Noritsu printers can run EZcontroller.
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    Ctl20 eeprom dumb file

    Hi everyone, do somebody have eeprom dumb file for the ctl20 board? Thanks for your answer
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    Thanks everyone for your expert advise. Dave S put me on the right track. I was indeed looking at the float switches not the heaters (I was having a bad day!!). New heater now fitted and everything back up and running. Cleaned the float switches at the same time seeing as I had been fiddling with them!
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    v30 first time power on

    'Link to QSF V series all manuals, Service, Operator and Parts for SM and RA. Zip file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lm_1ZSTJ9a2aMhR7pnwoNVk74XBIV_lI/view?usp=sharing There is also recent forum post on the how-to for tanking up/mixing the processing solutions. Scroll down and you'll find it.
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    Hello. Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. Use this language, if want to get answers to your questions.
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    Noritsu V30 Service manual

    Your email, I send this
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    There are three S2 versions - for 350/370, 500 and 550/570. Maybe would be possible to use other version, but have not all features. For example to install server with SP-500 scanner can do it with S2 version for Fuji 500. MS01 is universal software, but even there to install different minilabs, dry printers, or scanners need install optional modules. For example to connect SP-500 need install MS11 ( version for SP-500 ) , to connect LP-5000 need install MSP49, DX100 - MSP48, DE100 - MSP80 and etc.
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    Minilab service

    Noritsu IP64 Drivers needed

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    Can you help me?

    The last version Ez controlles is 6.8, also you need install QSS-Printer, profile and all optional software.
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    Noritsu 2301 shutter problem

    yes its correct Dave
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    Minilab service

    2901 doesn’t turn on

    Mistake is on service manual. There written wrong voltage ( written +36V, when really should be +5V ) . All correct on circuit diagram and part list. On QSS29 used 4 connectors. J/P52 5V to POWER PCB 2, J/P53 5V to PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB, J/P54 24V to PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB and J/P55 24V to POWER PCB 2. On QSF-V also used all connectors. J/P52 5V to POWER PCB 2, J/P53 5V to MAIN CONTROL PCB, J/P54 24V to FAN6 and J/P55 24V to POWER PCB 1.
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    2901 doesn’t turn on

    in e.g. V50 etc. film processor,,, I038205 use P52 (+5V) & P55 (+24V) in QSS-2901 paper processor ,,,, I038205 use +5V, P54 (FAN) & P55 (+24V) to other power board(s). . ☺️
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    noritsu QSF 450L-2

    Morris do you need part list or manual service ??
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    noritsu QSF 450L-2

    yes, have a thick HARD copy parts list with several broken pages. Two decades ago ! what information you're looking for ?
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    Noritsu V30RA Drain Issue

    Happy to report after several hours of testing and lots of head scratching by chance we finally found and fixed the issue. It was a leak in the circulating 'U' heating element between the STB 1 & 2 Tanks due to corrosion, we also managed to diagnose and resolve several other issues including clogged lines and dryer problems. We have taped it up for now and everything is running fine, we will work towards a permanent fix for the hole most likely by extending and clamping the tube over it. Thankfully no electrical issues with the board per above responses, thank you all for the help.
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    Does start scanner ( SP-1000 ) ? Does computer is on and software loaded? If yes - do you see any errors? When minilab printer ( LP-1000P ) doesn't start can be missing 230 V, breaker if in OFF position, the circuit protector at the processor distribution section is operating, defective PAC02, bad standby switch. If the power does not turn ON from the scanner then can be DME circuit board is defective, bad connection to the PAC02, bad cable connection from the scanner.
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    Dave S

    Noritsu V30 - cross processing

    It's best not to use E6 film with the C41 process, cross processing slide film is not good for C41 chemistry. 1 E6 slide film for every 10 C41 films is an acceptable ratio.
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    Hello. It is strange to hear, that can't get help from your software supplier. When I installing something always help my customers. To get the biggest resolution go to output devices. There select output image settings and for output image quality choose 99% and output image size choose "-". Go to print channel and press Scan settings. There select high resolution. Also can choose image processing type. Then you have high resolution and good quality pictures. Size from 135 film on HS-1800 will be 6744 x 4492. If you want to save scanned images with corrections then on output image settings - output media format choose "input image + printing image". Then you get two the same files - one original and other with corrections.
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    Dave S

    Film sleever and film retriever

    It's very simple, the cutter blade should be in the down position, you then put the mouth of the film canister into the green clip, rotate the big knob to push the tape into the film canister until you see the centre spool of the film canister rotate, then when you remove the film canister from the green clip, the end of the film should be attached to the sticky tape. Then rewind the tape back until it's flush with the cutter blade. Repeat for the next film. When the tape has lost it's tackiness, use the cutter to cut the tape back to use a new fresh sticky portion of tape.
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    Dave S

    Film sleever and film retriever

    ENV-M6 is just an evolution of the ENV-M5. It has a better illuminated area to see the frames, and uses a better motor system for feeding the negatives in. Both models do the same job! Forget the AB-3 as you cannot get the tongues for them anymore. The only alternatives that I know of were the Bero magic puller that used thick sticky tape to remove the film.
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    Minilab service

    Noritsu 3011 Blue shift

    When software is working can disable scanner very easy. On minilab menu go Menu, Extension, Option Registration and disable scanner there. OptChg.exe need to run if software new installed and scanner not connected. Before disabling scanner try to disable digital ICE pcb. Can do it on operator selections, correction. Then you can scan without digital ICE and digital ICE board will be used only partially. Digital ICE pcb can test on QSS28, QSS29, QSS30 and QSS31. The same board used there. Image processing pcb can be tested only on QSS30 series minilabs.
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    Noritsu 3011 Blue shift

    If the machine previously had a scanner fitted in order to disable it you will need to go to C:\noritsukoki\QSS-30\data, run the OptChg.exe file, set AFM to off. Press the left lower button to accept, click the right lower button to close the program. After restart the minilab and computer.
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    Resolvimos está situación obteniendo un emisor infrarrojo de un viejo control remoto de televisión y lleva 2 años funcionando de maravilla, en la entrada justo antes del tanque de P1
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    It is problem with chemicals. White area is not white, but grey. Laser didn't print white - it is just paper and chemicals. G laser on paper gives magenta and you have it. Seems that Red laser power is not enough ( it makes Cyan on print ) , but do not think so. Cyan can be missing, because paper was not processed correctly. Take piece of paper and in the dark room put it into control strip holder. End of this paper will be outside and will get light. Then run processor and put this holder into small hole on processor ( open small cover ) . Paper will be processed. End of paper should be absolutely black ( your is red - brown ) and other part of paper should be absolutely white ( your is grey ) .
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    Dave S

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Hi Big Dave! Thanks for posting your findings. The drive voltage PCB is a common failure when you are getting big sudden colour shifts, however it tents to show up with the prints going red or brown. Turning the power off and back on again and the colour suddenly corrects are classic symptoms of this PCB being the cause of the problem. I guess in early failure the colour shift results maybe are not so dramatic. Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year to you too.
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    On FMPC connected to LP2000 used different firewire card - with TI chipset. It is Ratoc PCIFW3 - Fuji part number 113C898440 ( 113C898440A) . With NEC chipset is firewire board, which is inside LP5500, LP5700 printers ( inside box ) inside SP3000 computer and image box. This board is Ratoc PCIFW4 - Fuji part number 113C1099225 ( GIE23 board ) .
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    Minilab service

    blue instead black

    First check chemicals. Take piece of paper and keep it on the light. After that run it through processor. If after processor it will be blue then developer is bad. Before CD replacement check temperatures, replenishment rates and pumps and circulation in working tanks.
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    Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions.
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    Noritsu 3011 restart LooP

    Everything is fixed now, thank you for all your help.
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    Dave S

    Noritsu 3011 restart LooP

    As long as you have the Noritsu card drivers loaded all should be ok. I seem to remember seeing 3011 machines with 1 unknown device when Windows was loaded without a recovery CD, it didn't effect anything, in this instance I'm pretty sure it can be ignored.
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    Dave S

    Noritsu 3011 restart LooP

    I'm a bit confused here. The first image of the device manager shows the PC named NORITSU with 1 ARCNET and 1 LVDS PCI card. (normal Noritsu config) The second image of the device manager shows the PC named DLS_SYSTEM with 1 ARCNET and 2 LVDS devices. (normal DLS config) Are these 2 different computers? With regard to the drivers, run the DELOldDriver.bat file on the F001 software disk, this will remove the old drivers. Uninstall the LVDS and ARCNET drivers in Windows device manager, then run the F001 setup again. When it asks to restart say no. Go to Windows device manager, click on any device, click the Action tab, then scan for hardware changes, the ARCNET and LVDS drivers should now load. Now you can restart the computer. The drivers are located in c:\winnt\system32\drivers\arc_net.sys c:\winnt\system32\drivers\lvds.sys I can't remember where the 2nd LVDS card drivers are located on a DLS system.
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    Dave S

    Noritsu 3011 restart LooP

    I have never seen this invalid ID message before, I'm not sure what is generating that message, it's a very odd message. Assuming it is the original PC with the original SCSI drives, you can use the R016-00 Recovery CD, this will load Windows 2000 with all the drivers. As you can access the hard drive, copy the entire Noritsukoki folder, this will contain all the backup data. Put the Noritsukoki folder back in the same place after the recovery, then load the software. As long as the LVDS and ARCNET are showing in device manager like in your photo they are loaded properly. It must show multi CPU support for F001 Software and later. Look here for SP4 https://winworldpc.com/product/windows-nt-2000/patches
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    Dave S

    Noritsu 3011 restart LooP

    For things like this the best and quickest thing to do is a Windows recovery. It could be some kind of virus has damaged Windows. Just make sure you have a good backup of the Noritsu data before doing the recovery. Carry out the recovery Load Windows Service Pack 4 Load the QSS Main System Software (ensure the ARCNET and LVDS devices are loaded) Load the Profile Data Vol 2 Load any option software, Red Eye, Card calender, multi frame etc Load in the QSS backup and you should be good to go.
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    Minilab service

    White Print

    I saw white a little reddish, when CD was too strong. Look replenishment rates and check replenishment pumps. Also can be that CD was contaminated. It is easy to find out is bad white due CD, or other chemicals ( BF + STB ) . Have open processor top cover and put magnet on cover sensor ( minilab should see that cover is closed ) . Then run remove top turn rack, which is between rack 1 and rack 2 and run processor. Take piece of not processed paper and put into 2nd rack ( BF ) . Paper on output should be white. If not - problem with STB, or BF. If paper is white return turn rack and close processor. In dark room put piece of photographic paper into control strip holder. Then run minilab processor and put control strip holder into hole on processor top cover. Paper will be full processed. End of paper should be black ( it was fogged ) and other part ( which was inside holder ) should be white.
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    Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions.
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    Oh dear. Remove the power 1 PCB and check it, the biggest problem is the solder joints on the SSR's cracking, then arcing, re soldering the joints is all that is needed. If it's burnt then you can solder an insulated wire link to the appropriate place. Check you don't have some kind of leak of chemistry etc that has dripped onto the board, If the CD rack is not carefully removed it can drip into the loading box, and then find it's way into the circuit board area. For the standard setting menu to appear it needs to be in service mode. The easiest way to to turn on dip switch no.2 on the main control PCB, you can leave it on permanently if you like.
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    Dear All Friends I send Manuals for 8800 and 6850
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    Eeprom Frontier 370

    If your minilab using system version 7.7 or higher, ROM version upgrade is not necessary.
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    Changing Qss3101 Blue Laser Gun Type A.

    Yustas is the third time you try to bother me in this forum. My country is Venezuela, if you know a company or a technician to repair Laser units in my country, please let me know. The technician who gives me service is certified by Noritsu. He is a young man with moderate experience and I help him with ideas that I provide in this forum. He is the one who repairs my laser unit, not me. Two weeks ago I called a technician from Bogota, Colombia, also certified by Noritsu and experienced in the QSS3101 but he can come to my country next week. I am graduate electronic engineer in one of the best universities in my country (Simón Bolívar University). I practiced the profession of engineering for 20 years. During that time, I designed controls for industrial machines, elevator controls, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps and many other projects. I was also manager of a printed circuit board factory. Here, we make the first multilayer printed circuit in my country. So you're not the one to qualify my technical ability. As a student my hobby was photography, now I´m a 55 year old man and electronics is my hobby while photography is my modus vivendi. I have owned 4 minilabs and have been in the photography business for 25 years. So what I do with my money is my problem not yours. I decide where to save and where not. This forum is mainly technical. If you can not help me from the technical point of view, no problem, just leave me alone! Finally I want to say I respect and appreciate very much the work done on this forum for people like Dave and Kodak_Service who, on other occasions, helped me to solve my technical problems and never tried to bother me! Namaste.
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    When we get this error, restarting the FMPC computer usually fixes it. On rare occasions I have also had to shut down the printer and restart it as well.
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    Nevermind I got it fixed. Thanks though!
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