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  1. you need service manual that will explain the way to check inputs and outputs, to dissassemble parts, to adjust parts, to check voltage and hundreds other information like diagramms and so on... so, you could easily check pressur solenoid, cover switch, pump rotation... send email address, i send you technician service manual
  2. You can easily convert T15sm to RA chemicals. No investment required. Only a few hours for removing some parts and add a few "home made" jumps. I have experienced that and would give you more information with pleasure. Where did you find T15SM for sell?
  3. Hello, Yesterday, both Image correction pcb were replaced. Then, light source update become possible (before, it was not ) Then, we have tried one print of negative. > ERROR 6108-0001. At this moment, printer is "frozen" and we must switch off. Then, we replaced printer control pcb, update software , restore latest good backup, uncheck box "d-ice" and print a negative > 6108-0001 > minilab "frozen" Then swith off minilab. Then Restart, process an emulsion change = OK CONCLUSION: print a file > error 6820-004 and keep the control of minilab print a negative > error 6801*0001 and minilab is frozen (have to switch off) Any new suggestion? Et Latine nihil mea (I lose my latin there) Best regards
  4. Hi, Thanks a lot for your speedy reply. I have forgotten to give some information: when he tries to print, he can see and correct the pictures on the screen but the first sheet of paper does not rise towards the mlva and the error message appears later. Could you tell me what data is transmitted by Arcnet and what data is transmitted by LVDS ? Thanks again.
  5. Hi Moucharib, Did you reinstall too the extra software that allow printing ID and other options like D-Ice and so on... Regards
  6. Hello everybody, I'm a retired serviceman of Noritsu agent. A former customer has a QSS2901 that cannot print anything for the last 3 weeks. Neither films nor files. The error message is 6820-0004 Image Processing PCB operation error. Service manual explanation is : The data cannot be written to the input memory. Would a colleague help me? Is the input memory one of the 3 RAM plugged in Image processing PCB (IPB) ? Could an other pcb explain this problem? We have replaced IPB with two others.We have replaced D-ice pcb. Unsuccessful Is it possible to print without correction pcb? Regards
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