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  1. Does anyone know what part number will fit the T15? Or the best place to buy an LCD for a T15?
  2. Hi, hope this is OK to post here. I’m looking for a used Noritsu T-15 film processor. email me at pciokan@gmail.com
  3. Can you text me at 15193764613 or email me at pciokan@gmail.com? thanks
  4. Has anyone had a Noritsu Print Head Drive Motor Error 2 No. 07906-00002? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Awesome thanks again Dave, what software do I need? Do you have a link?
  6. Can the Noritsu D1005 accept 3rd party sheet paper, like hahnemuhl?
  7. How do you get the service floppy? I need one for a T15sm
  8. Why does the Noritsu D1005 not support burning a DVD and only a CD? Or are we doing something wrong? Thanks Peter
  9. Hello All, I recently purchased a used T15, Can someone email me the data that is stored on the floppy disk. It's an SM machine. Thanks Peter.
  10. Hello All, I just bought a Used Noritsu T15 film machine. I want to manually add replenisher to the tank because of low volume and accuracy. Can someone advise how stop the 'replenisher tank empty error' and the 'refilling water error' I just want the machine to heat the solutions drive the film and dry the film. Thanks Peter
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