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  1. Hi im interested to know what the solution is to this as well Thanks
  2. Hello, I know that Noitsu made the S-900/1700SA workstations to support S2/S3 Scanners to run as stand alone devices. My question is, can you build one of these workstations using the PCI card from a Noritsu 3300 machine? I have an S3 and all the work components of 3300. Can you simply just create a PC using the LVDS PCI card and install the S900 software? Thanks
  3. I dont have smaller paper. But I do have 203 paper and I've done 150+ on that with no problem
  4. Hi , I have tried on another magazine and paper type and it still occurs around the 100 mark
  5. I am having this issue when my 3501 starts to print over 100 prints at one time. Anything less than 100 and it prints fine. I have cleaned the pins on the arm unit, and the tracks. I have tried zigzag adjustment +1 and -1 and it still occurs. This is happening on the 152 paper only. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. What board do I need to change on my S4?
  7. Can you use the Noristu S4 scanner with EZ Controller? Also can you use the Noritstu Keyboard for Y M C D controls?
  8. Just a 3502 with main software QSS-35_Main_System_Program_12.00
  9. Hello everyone,I am looking to upgrade my PC in my 3502. Has anyone had much success with installing the software on Windows 7 at all?Are there any tips you could pass on before I try?Thanks in advance
  10. Do you mean the Noritsu Software? I'm running version 12
  11. Here's another example. First screenshot is no correction, second image is after correction. As you can see the removal of CYAN in the first frame is fairly extreme. Especially when Ive turned off all the colour correction settings.
  12. Hi I've recently installed an S4 scanner on the 3502. Replacing my S3. I saved the S4's Carrier and Scanner service data from the previous machine and loaded it onto the 3502 new machine. When I go to update the light source, it gives me the error: No. 1315-0001 LED Light Source temperature is being adjusted. process cannot be continued. I checked the temp and it is stable at 44C. I checked the cooling fans and they are operational. I checked the scanner filter and it is clean. Is there something I am missing? Thanks
  13. Here is the sample. As you can see with the Red scooter, it has added Cyan to the rest of the image. Thanks
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