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  1. Hi there, no negative sharpening as far as I can find! I'll definitely have a look to see what the effect is from negative sharpening though! Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hi David, I went through and tried everything suggested last year, sorry I thought I had let you know? We've found that even ejecting the carrier and reinserting that with the fast calibration on insert it seems to remedy the lines. I wonder if theres an issue with led light source uniformity / evenness as we had a strange glitch the other day where it put a red haze along one edge of the roll with scan lines evident throughout the haze (two calibrations in a row seemed to remedy it) We're keeping a close eye on it at this stage, fingers crossed! Cheers
  3. We also recently worked out calibration fixes the issue if only temporarily. I'm beginning to think this is a common fault across Noritsu scanners that we quietly don't talk about? Here's a screen grab of one of USA rapper Meek Mill's posts. One of my team noticed it late last year. Looks very much like the tell tale signs of a banding Noritsu scanner right? If anyone ever does figure out the fix, please post about it here! Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. New to Noritsu scanners and hoping someone might have some advice. The lab I work in runs a HS-1800 (converted s4). Unfortunately we seem to be getting some strange lines on scans on occasion. It is most evident on underexposed and blank scanned frames - banding along the scan and across the whole width (35mm fogged negative shown in attachment). No amount of cleaning affects the results. From searching through forums I'm concerned it could be a CCD issue? Much appreciate your help! Cheers
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