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  1. drytech

    Fuji SP3000 3D masks

    IMO the mask must be made of metal. 3D metal printer exists but the custom-made mask will be VERY EXPENSIVE. So better to buy the used ones on ebay.com
  2. Please inform your location and I will advise where to apply for laser repair service. You can do it in private message section if you do not want to disclose your location for public. Dominik.
  3. Before purchase of a drylab I used a service of minilablaser.com. Ask them.
  4. So as you can see I was right and there was a virus inside. Anyway i cannot use it without a dongle. For the first time I see the the TWAIN driver with dongle. Noritsu is really crazy for dongles.
  5. I recommend to have a good antivirus program and scan your PC. You shared the link to the folder with all files of twain driver and I accepted it. After my desire to download the TWAIN driver - Google Disc made archive from all your files and folders and I downloaded it into my download folder. Then I decided to unzip it to the specified folder and during the unzip process I received the message from my Antivirus program that one seruous virus was found, blocked and erased. And it shown the name of it. The description of the virus you can read above. So I will never download files from you anymore. Sorry. Buy new antivirus program please.
  6. You Twain driver for LS600 v.6.5 contents a Virus: Win32/Sality.AT My Antivirus software found it, blocked and killed. Read about it here: https://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/threat/Encyclopedia/entry.aspx?Name=Virus%3AWin32%2FSality.AT Thank yo very much! I deleted the archive from you. Did you try to check it for viruses before share? Why do you share such dangerous files?
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