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  1. Hi, yes Can you install MS01 and work only with minilab 370 without scanner sp2000
  2. If you install software of Noritsu to dry lab DL-430 you need use cartridge of Noritsu
  3. You need to do adjustment proccesing speed motor
  4. Maybe your CD is damaged.
  5. You installed the software step to step ? Also I Can advice change the software MS01 for FE, this software is best and work with windows xp or windows 7 x 32.
  6. You need check connection optical fiber proccesor control.
  7. Yes, can you create windows xp virtual
  8. Hi, friend you want use your printer in mode stand alone?
  9. What software you have installed ?
  10. Select correct densitometer from Fuji menu ( on minilab computer )
  11. Your densitometer is well register ?
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