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  1. W-2203 ink cartridge error: Delete all print jobs remaining in the operating system's print queue. Please install correct cartridge. The corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge is not recognized. 1. Reset the corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge. 2. Replace the corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge with a new one. 3. Connect the FFC that connects the Ink Cartridge Holder and the Main Board again. 4. Replace the Ink Cartridge Holder with a new one.
  2. Its very important that check the condition chemical and replenisher. Is normal in the morning and the afternoon have variation but this will be minimal. If your variation is a lot probably cause is AOM driver or laser head.
  3. All depend type pc you have. Do you need install recovery .
  4. when you upgrade the firmware you must be sure that minilab will be in mode stand by without any error.
  5. Now you want upgrade the software, there is different versions for upgrade software to QSS-2611.
  6. The setting is different of each minilab so can you load any backup of noritsu 2611 but you will have to do any adjustment.
  7. Unafortunately Ez controller software not support files with extension.heic. For this is necessary converter in another format.
  8. For print dx 100 with MS01 you need: MS01 Software MS16 MSP48. Also any very important is Service software for do different adjusment o reset.
  9. The causes the your problem can have different posibilities: Power supply damaged Laser control Unit laser. Do you need check step to step, all this is manual service.
  10. Your email I send to you the manual
  11. All setting shown in the manual operator Ez controller. Do you have this ?
  12. I have only the manual service for QSF-430L.
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