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  1. Sorry but your installation green head laser is Bad.
  2. Try change AOM driver B Check the Laser Control
  3. Please print test pattern and upload I want see this.
  4. If you change only AOM driver this not solved your problem, you need repair o change laser head.
  5. Unafortunately you have a problem with unit Laser. I have a friend in Brazil, he can solved your problem.
  6. If the machine previously had a scanner fitted in order to disable it you will need to go to C:\noritsukoki\QSS-30\data, run the OptChg.exe file, set AFM to off. Press the left lower button to accept, click the right lower button to close the program. After restart the minilab and computer.
  7. Yes its possible remove digital ICE pcb boards, but you need disable scanner film. I think that your problem is any pcb board.
  8. Please ckeck this. test LED image processing.pdf
  9. Try this: Frame print : QS30-4L3977X54R Multiframe Print: QS30-4145158849
  10. I have MS11 software for SP500 scanner for work with W7 v4.2, contact me PM.
  11. For read the backup do you need: Menu- F1+F9- password service- extension- maintenace- reading and writing data - service data - reading data
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