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  1. MS01 ver:2.5.5 is very old, try upgrade to MS01 ver: 4.2 this support W7 x86.
  2. Yes can you install the last version ez controller ver:7.0 , QSS-Printer ver: 19 and profile 4.8 This version support W10x64 but you need a power full computer.
  3. Check the memory in the image proccesing pcb.


    not, you need change same motherboard. FR330 or 340 can use FC5011 or FC7011
  5. My recomendation is you installed software with Windows 2000 and you solved your problem of the driver pci Laser I/F
  6. device manager - right click network controller - update driver software
  7. all the adjustment its found in the manual service.
  8. can you load other backup without problems, of course you will need to do any adjustment but this is very easy.

    E-2620 Frontier 570

    You need cleaning the pump circulacion.
  10. TECNOR


    Check if your pump replenisher P1R is working
  11. TECNOR


    Hi, you need empty all tanks replenisher after need check this: Sensors level tanks replenisher Pump replenisher Valve solenoid cleaning.
  12. What manuals you need ? Manual operator, manual service ?
  13. unafortunately your problem is laser head Blue
  14. what is your email I will send to you any instructions .
  15. Do you check connectors rj45, cable network and hub ? If you check all this probably your problem is I/F pcb.
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