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    Write in english please.
  2. QSS-3501 plus need diferent softwares Ez controller Qss-Printer Profiles Optionals softwares
  3. After of install head print you need refill ink. In the manual service explain step to step how change the head print.
  4. The last version service software for dx100 is 1.7
  5. Hi Arturo I send to you message private
  6. Te envie un mensaje privado, ahi te explico
  7. Its possible system software faulty or unit laser defective.
  8. It is the first time I have heard that someone buys programs without knowing why they need them. But I'm glad you solved your problem.
  9. Yes its possible but why you want change of OS ? Your pc is damaged ?.
  10. this error shows a problem with image processing pcb, try cleaning the memory.
  11. The number part AOM driver is Z025645 is universal for all minilab Noritsu
  12. Hi Luciano what value need to know you ?
  13. what t model ud your minilab? Number error exact .
  14. Hi I send to you message private.
  15. You need only motherboard pc 5011 ?
  16. Yes, the backup is very important each scanner have setting different.
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