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  1. Thanks for sharing your struggle & solutions again! Thx for the updates!
  2. Hi T15, Thanks a lot for your time and effort on this issue. I have some small spots too, I'm gonna lower the temp of the dryer tomorrow! Thanx for sharing, I really appreciate it!
  3. Minilab Service, Thx for your comment, Unfortunatly, no engineer is intrested in these scanners. So, what payable service can you offer?
  4. Hi, I installed a new PC for the SP3000 (Toshiba inside PC replacement). All software is installed, but I need the firewire card to be properly cinfigured (MCU1 and MCU2). The Toshiba has an onboard card (attached to MB). My new PC is a PCI firewire card. The PCI card is installed and driver for scanner is installed properly. Where and how do I set the Power On function via firewire? How do I know which port is for power and which is for scanner connection? Thx!
  5. Hi! Problem solved! I turned the switch OFF and ON again and temp went up again! Thx!
  6. Hi, After leader card check, the CD temperature keeps dropping from 37.8 to... Display says: adjusting temperature, but nothing happens, it just drops. Any thoughts? Thx!
  7. Mine had a DSP error too. Replaced the GPA23. No more errors and no more artifacts/lines.
  8. DARREN How are your diagnostics results regarding the GPA23 DSPs?
  9. Hi! I swapped the GPA23 card and have no issues since then. Cheers!
  10. Hi again! It works at the first attempt! I put all the switched to ON ans changed the language. THX A LOT!
  11. Hi, Thx for the reply! So I need the floppy software/program? Thx
  12. Thx a lot for your help! Will see if I can make a back-up from the system!
  13. Hi Yustas, Thx for the reply. I have the paper manuals, but its in German. I can pretty much understand it, but the main issue is the V30 language. I do have a floppy with the 004 software on it. Initially V30P, but I guess it will work on a V30 also? Any idea if this software update will reset the system? For example replenishment values? Thx again Yustas!
  14. Hi people, Any idea how to change the language from German to English? Manual states 6 different languages when using the program on the floppy, but how do you select English? For example: #5 is ENGLISH + ITALIAN How do you choose ENGLISH? Or: is the floppy not necessary and can you toggle in the V30 menu between ENGLISH and GERMAN? Thx,
  15. Dear people, Who can help me out for a newbie with noritsu QSF? - operating manual (how do I start?) - do's and don'ts - maintenance - calibration - spare parts website Thx for your help!
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