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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to recover one the PC connected to Noritsu minilab QSS-3701, but the EZ-Controller version in the recovery cd is a lot older than the one pre-installed (cd version -> 5.0.1, installed version 6.20)... Where I can find a newer setup?
  2. a user of the forum sent me the software by mail, I just copied it into an empty usb drive and installed it through the Kiosk software
  3. I used the CT non-DLS enabler for the Noritsu Minilab
  4. Hi all, I bought a second hand KPK GS that came with version 8.1.1 pre-installed (but without any disk), and I can't find the "Send orders to Minilab" menu in Options management... The manual says that I should enable it with the installation CD, but I haven't any... any hints? Thanks in advance
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