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  1. I need some help or some information about what to do . I have a Noritsu QSS 3501 Plus lab and after printing almost all images when are done printed.... the photos look like they are "moved" like are not printed straight "I put a paper test as attach" I don't know what the problem might be. Usually the deviation sometimes it's very visible sometimes only a little.It doesn't matter if i print on 9x13 , 10x15 or 20x30 it's the same result . I need to know if it's problem with the lab(laser unit it's moved , maybe some loosen rolls not pulling the paper straight) or with the paper magazine.Some of my paper magazine have guidance for paper some don't, but the problem it's in both situation. Thanks for support...
  2. Hello, I need some help or some information about what to do . I have a Noritsu QSS 3501 Plus lab and a few days ago after printing almost all images when are done printed.... most of them look like they are "moved" it happens most of the time specially when I use zoom on image ( a'n example in attach problem in top right corner). I need to know if it's problem with the lab(laser unit it's moved , maybe some loosen rolls not pulling the paper straight) or with the paper magazine.Some of my paper magazine have guidance for paper some don't, but the problem it's in both situation.The paper it's the correct size only the image looks like it's been shifted *(ex in attach) Thanks for reply !
  3. Gracias por tu ayuda ... resuelto el problema. Ya no necesito discos. Cambié el pc!
  4. When we bought the aom unit they said to send the faulty one to them to cut the price for the new one so we don't have it anymore! Maybe in the future we might buy a new aom unit to have it as spare part in case something happens with this one, only this time we will buy it from other place, without sending the other one back.
  5. We manage to change the AOM unit and everything it's working fine. Thanks all for the support and for the info. Have a nice day !
  6. This is the result after some searching the magenta goes up and down that's why I get green and red sorry for misleading :) (see attachement).So I bought a new aom unit hope works after change. Thanks all for support!
  7. It seems the problem came back now the images are greenish again but at other order it began to have some problem with the red also....Don't know what to do Thinking to buy a new aom I hope it will fix.Hope not having problem with laser heads on both green and red.Not know yet the aom "code" model need for this lab.I will watch to see. Hope works after change !
  8. Can send service manual for 3501 Plus. ? Thanks
  9. Thanks all for reply . I will see how the lab works for a few more days then if the problem it's back then must change the aom unit hope that is the problem and not the G laser module.... we didn't get any spare aom unit !? I'l make a test to see the stability!! I'll be back with info...
  10. Thanks for the info, I only have service manual in pdf format for the 35 series and saw image with 3 aom units and thought that i have 3 until i saw only one.IDon't have diagram for the qss3501 plus. It's there a posibility that removing the dust can make the aom driver work again properly because right now it's working ok and didn't have any problem since.... as of now or must replace?After removing the dust i've made a paper test and insted of green had a tempt of not green but red but just a bit repeating the test was ok ....making ~ 300 prints without any problem. I saw aom units made by matsushita and panasonic but nowhere from noritsu... It's there a posibility to check if the laser head has a instability ?
  11. Hello, I need some information and some support !!! I have a Noritsu minilab Qss-3501 Plus and about a week ago while taking a'n order the final ~10 print was greenish or some sort (no error no warning on the soft). Then after giving another command again the print was the same sort of greenish.I didn't do any order for a while, and then after doing another order it was working normally.Then the next day same thing the print was greenish again.I change the pc with another one that I keep it as a backup incase something goes wrong with the first one, with this one the first 2 prints were greenish and then it was ok and then on for 2 days all was right.I change back the pc with the 1'st one (I thought was a software problem). I search on the internet and I saw that this problem it's caused by aom driver unit (hardware problem).After looking into the service manual I found where the aom unit it's located and I've removed all the dust and checked all the connections for now it's working ok .The service manual schematic showed 3 aom unit but this lab has only 1. (QSS 3501 PLUS ) My aom unit was not changed at all it is the original one.I saw in some topics that the life spawn it's aproximatly 5 years depending on the prints, mine has ~11 years So my questions are !? What are the difference in having 3 aom units 2 or 1 ? Are there any difference between aom or all are the same (like model number or this lab can use only some model of aom units)? Can I use mine further more or it's a sign I must change it ? How must it cost a new one not a refurbished and where i can buy one I saw some aom unit's on ebay and aliexpress but i'm skeptical about buying from there ? It's affecting another component if it's not working properly(aom unit) ? As of now this are all my questions if some questions pops up my head in the meantime I'll ask . Srry for long post !!! Thanks for reply, Best regards...!
  12. Hello, can someone tell me how to set the program timer(change the clock) or how to turn it off if it's possible and to explain how it works because for example at my lab the program timer it's set to 9:00 AM.. usually I don't select the option but sometimes when I'm in a hurry I turn it on and the next day the pc won't open at first but after a while it opens and works normally. Usually I turn the switch off on the machine when the shop is closed and in the morning I turn the switch on and power up the pc! I have some manual it says only what this functions does and nothing else neither how to set nor how to turn it off. Thanks, for reply!
  13. Hello, can somebody tell me if it's possible in ez controller settings to set as input device... to recognize a photo camera directly via usb ? Because when I connect the camera via usb cable to pc it does recognized the camera i can see all the photos on the camera but I want ez controller to see it too.In my computer it doesn't have a letter assigned to it like other usb memory or memory card it shows only the camera model and it isn't assigned to any letter (driver). Long story short I want to transfer images from camera to the lab from a photo camera via usb by selecting on ez controller in the input media selection menu a'n option without removing the memory card from the camera an putting in the card reader. I want only to transfer from camera via usb cable as a input option without removing the memory card !!!. Lab model Qss-3501 Plus .......Ez controller 6.60.....Windows 10 64 bit Thanks in advance ...Have a nice day!
  14. Thanks for the info,I have only the 2nd recovery cd and I didn't find the 1'st one. It's a'n old computer from my work.When I will go to work I will check for the model number. Thanks for the reply ! Have a nice day.
  15. Hello, i want to ask if somebody have the drivers for a motherboard for a pc.The pc model is "PC-NRT-RS13" i don't know the motherboard model. I need to know if you can send me the drivers for the pc or where can i find it ? Usually it's use with a Qss-3501 plus lab it's a pc made by Rioch Company. Thanks,for reply! Have a nice day!
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