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  1. Dave I had not even considered an in-house solution to remanning those processor rollers. Thank you! And the very corners do crash in the dryer when the skew is severe, you can actually see the interaction through the dryer and those corners drag over metal they shouldn't be reaching.
  2. From the back side of the machine looking through the dryer window, the prints rotate away from one another. By that point they're nearly at 45 degrees on the lead edge. Thank you for the reply. .
  3. Update: We deliberated and decided that what we will do to correct the issue is capture 6x4s at our API from our storefront, border them to be 8x4, then load a magazine that is loaded with 6" paper to read as 8". Since the Turbos fo not split lane the 8", this will address our issue. Other solutions we discussed were splitting our 6" orders into one image per order so they would center lane, and lastly to border our 6x4 prints and print on 8" paper then cut afterwards to trim.
  4. Thank you for the reply photocorp. We have magnets on each machine for lead edge damage inspection. As far as I can tell my turnbelts are OK. I've thoroughly cleaned my processor racks and crossovers trying to alleviate this issue to no avail. The racks visibly compound the skew of the print as it travels up the rollers. Almost negligible out of first rack, slightly worse out of second and so on. Their is a modest swelling in the 1/3 and 2/3 the way across the rollers when I mic them. My guess is the issue is compounding. Unfortunately replacing every roller in the processor is completely uneconomical and we cannot justify the expense. Thusly we've been forced to split our orders to another line of printers for 4x6s since larger prints do not have the leading corners damaged so badly. (The 4x6 prints have nearly a 45 degree skew coming out of dryer..)
  5. Our racks are gradually making each of the two prints in a lane tilt diagonally. By the time the prints exit the dryer they have corner damage on the corners that were leading. Is there a method of turning this machine single track as our center prints do not exhibit this issue. We are not looking forward to having to replace every single processor roller to correct this problem and are willing to try whatever is necessary. Thank you.
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