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  1. Did someone tested Fuji new Landscape software, workflow management software ? I want to test and use it, someone have it ?
  2. I have a problem that printer is printing every second photo blank? I asume some stupid setting ?
  3. You were right about the drivers issue, when i select EX version, it works ok !!!
  4. Fuji Dx100 dont resume printing after paper runout, i put new paper in tray, and all is ok, it says printing in Print Queue, but nothing happens. I think it is some problem with windows spool system ? Is there any solution that it resume printing automaticaly ? Also sam thing happen when color cartrtidge replacement.
  5. I have Order controller with activation, but i dont know how to make it to see dx100 as a printer, maybe some special driver needed ?
  6. Did someone tried to use Dx100 with Epson order controller software ? Since it is way to faster and it can work on any windows, i would try to work on it.
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