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  1. Thanks again, I'm sorry, I'll ask you another question, is there a way to adjust the margins of the 6x4.5 mask so that fewer photos are possible? I saw that when I do the scan it tends to cut a portion around the photo, is it possible not to cut anything or put it that cuts a very small part? Thanks thanks thanks
  2. Thank you very much for the availability and the quick reply, could you also tell me the maximum size I can also set for 6x7 and 6x9? or if there is a way to calculate it? Thank you very much
  3. The mask for the support of the manual film is correct. Sorry but I'm using Google to talk to you in English. What size should I use to cover the entire frame?
  4. good morning I purchased a 6x4.5 template for the Frontier sp3000, how do I set it up? in print size that size should I put in order to have the maximum resolution covering the whole frame? Thank you
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