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  1. I have 3411 and would like info about converting to stand alone, please PM me with cost and procedures. Thank You
  2. Hi Dave, Would you please make this file available again? Thank you
  3. Hello all, is it possible that on a 3411 with three magazine, to eliminate the 3rd magazine and use with two magazine only ? The machine works fine but its is because of very tight space, I know how it should be installed for heat and airflow, we have that space, but if I can eliminate the third magazine then I need to change and move a lot less of my current setup. Wiring, covering the area for feeding the paper, error massages ?? Same question also for the sorter ? Can I eliminate the sorter that sticks out of the machine without error messages? Do I need to turn off any option in the setup for sorter and third magazine ?? Thank You
  4. Thank you, you know that you rock.
  5. Thank you Kodak Service, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED !!! Are you by any chance able to upload the full service manual for 3411 please, pretty pretty please ? I have purchased this machine and I would love to have the service manual for it. Many Thanks
  6. Thank you Minilab service, where can I download the service manual from ? Do you have any pictures for the location of screws and wires you mentioned ? LP-2300, PP-1223W, ARCNET cables, SI-2400 ??? OTHER THAN 4 screws are there any electrical parts or wires connecting the processor to the printer (not the scanner section) ? Thanks again.
  7. Hi I am looking for tips and advise about moving a 3411. In particular about separating the printer and processor sections from each other, where are the screws/connectors to do so? Do I need special tools for this? Things to lookout for? Not to damage Laser, exposure section, processor section etc. I have moved a few machines in my time like Greatg 340/740 Noritsu 1201/1202 Noritsu 3011 but not a 34 series and want to know the ins and outs of seperating and reconnecting the two sections please. I will be removing all the racks from the machine before/while moving it. I know how to use a J-bar and raise the machines to put them on furniture dolly's and that is how I plan to do this move. Using a truck with lift-gate. And that's all I got. Your insight is greatly appreciated. HOW ABOUT A SERVICE MANUAL FOR 3411 ??? Many Thanks Qualex Tech.
  8. _I will check the dryer temp next time as well as the bottom Rollers in the dryer. _I can not see the spots on the film and there ere definitely no physical specs on the film. _I have a Noritsu V30. Thank you.
  9. Look at that, you were right !!! The problem is it needs newer operating system on the PC, but at least there is a way ! Thank you !
  10. Thank you Dave S., I do use anti Static brush and camel hair brush after that. I have been going thru other posts here and I came across this post that this lab was having problems for more than 6 months, with certain film stock (Kodak I believe) and I noticed the same trend here. The Fuji films scans and prints as it should with one or two noticeable specs here and there and Kodak film is HORRIBLE in that respect. I also scanned some very old unclaimed films, same story, Kodak comes up all with specs, everything else not or not so much ! I think I need to look into this problem in my Film processor and try to figure out what is it that makes Kodak film attract this much of an imperfection and everything else. I even had a Kirkland film processed yesterday with no problem with the specs ! _Your thoughts on possible film processor issues? _Your thoughts on Kodak versus other films in this issue ? I am using champion chemistry and have some elevated rep rates to counter low utilization, but that is nothing new... Thank You.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k1juqlc0cckbg5i/AAC_IMr0dNdfoUBBvgV4tLPGa?dl=0 these are without digital ice, both GARBAGE !
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/drm8iq7cg9tydsu/AAB9akqMcL4sm422u-byAm-da?dl=0 these are with digital ice,
  13. UpDATE, The specs are all over the place this morning and not acceptable, even on prints. _No error messages. _digital files print perfectly (yes I know its not related )
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