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  1. _I will check the dryer temp next time as well as the bottom Rollers in the dryer. _I can not see the spots on the film and there ere definitely no physical specs on the film. _I have a Noritsu V30. Thank you.
  2. Look at that, you were right !!! The problem is it needs newer operating system on the PC, but at least there is a way ! Thank you !
  3. Thank you Dave S., I do use anti Static brush and camel hair brush after that. I have been going thru other posts here and I came across this post that this lab was having problems for more than 6 months, with certain film stock (Kodak I believe) and I noticed the same trend here. The Fuji films scans and prints as it should with one or two noticeable specs here and there and Kodak film is HORRIBLE in that respect. I also scanned some very old unclaimed films, same story, Kodak comes up all with specs, everything else not or not so much ! I think I need to look into this problem in my Film processor and try to figure out what is it that makes Kodak film attract this much of an imperfection and everything else. I even had a Kirkland film processed yesterday with no problem with the specs ! _Your thoughts on possible film processor issues? _Your thoughts on Kodak versus other films in this issue ? I am using champion chemistry and have some elevated rep rates to counter low utilization, but that is nothing new... Thank You.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k1juqlc0cckbg5i/AAC_IMr0dNdfoUBBvgV4tLPGa?dl=0 these are without digital ice, both GARBAGE !
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/drm8iq7cg9tydsu/AAB9akqMcL4sm422u-byAm-da?dl=0 these are with digital ice,
  6. UpDATE, The specs are all over the place this morning and not acceptable, even on prints. _No error messages. _digital files print perfectly (yes I know its not related )
  7. Hello Noritsu Techs and enthusiasts, So I had a Major corrupt data issue causing unusual blue scans and prints that got solved by a partial initial setup with the help of this forum from nortec, minilab service and specially Dave S., Thank you very much. But now I want to fix this Digital ice issue that I was having even prior to this issue, so it is nothing new. I really didn't care to fix it up to now because it wouldn't show much or any on prints, but as of lately since people request more and more digital files from their files, specially high resolution ones, I need to fix this issue Talking with some Noritsu techs many years ago, I am almost certain (but I can be wrong, so I am open to ideas)that my hardware is in check and it is just a matter of some adjustment that I am not familiar with. Because I was told if you see that there is a shadow right next to the specs, the DI is trying to apply the correction but since something is not aligned it is applying the correction to the wrong area next to it, causing the shadow on the scans next to the specs. I will include a few pictures for clarification in this following link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/khhg7hg7ankaxb0/AABajUi6xsyfSYivEbuPGtg5a?dl=0 Many Thanks for your insights.
  8. there is nothing in that link that will do what I asked for thank you anyways.
  9. Early indications are that we are on the right path to recovery, thanks again Dave S.
  10. Now that is what I call proper and complete instruction, THANK YOU ""DAVE S"", its a bit scary but I can manage !
  11. WHAT IS A LUT data ??? how do I correct that ?
  12. that is correct, but this is the only time that I see blue and it prints NOT BLUE, because the film is scanned as BW?
  13. HOW DO I MAKE A SERVICE BACK UP ??? WITH F001 I have 4.07 profile
  14. The blue colors are almost every where, on BW negs scanned, on Color negs scanned and on digital files also, all to a degree, some times less sometimes more and some times NONE, the machine prints them that way with the blue colors. Only BW film showing blue colors print all BW, because the neg has been scanned as BW ( my analogy of them printing BW while the scans have blue in them) With F001 I have the Ver 4.07 profile. I wish there was a PDF with detail instruction of how to do a total reinstall from scratch, keeping as much as info from a back up to speed up the process.
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