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  1. Hey Maxi, can you please email me details thanks developingmoments@outlook.com
  2. hey all, I need help! My computer blew up which was running the Konica r2 scanning machine. I have a backup computer from another machine but it has never been connected to the scanning unit; only ran the printer. I have hooked it all up and it isn't registering the scanner. it looks the scanner driver was never installed... does anyone have a link for it? everything else is running fine and was before the original pc blew up but just not registering the scanner... thanks all
  3. Hi all, PLEASE HELP URGENT. We have a konica r2 1000 and the p3-1 tank keeps dumping the chemicals into the overflow tank then pumping water in and chemicals are sitting low in the racks. it is dumping and pumping lots of water and the error for p3 levels low keep coming up. the tanks were dirty so i dumped all the chemicals (hadnt been done in a very long time) and cleaned all the tanks. i have refilled it with water only as a trial and it is still sitting low in the tank. is p3-1 tank supposed to sit lower than the other tanks? PLEASE HELP i dont want to fill it with chemicals and keep dumping it... what should i do??
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