October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. Problem solved by reinstalling the whole environment.
  2. Hello, I've got 3 Kodak G3 Kiosks on my hand. They run KPK v3.1 and some old hardware. I would like to speed them up & update the software to the newest, 8.1 version. My first issue is if I change the motherboard, CPU and disk (to SSD) how do I reinstall the software and whole system? Is there any recovery CD or something that could help me get back running? the other thing - I downloaded APEX_KPK_V8_1_KPK_ _V3_1 package from KODAK site. When i put CD in and choose 'Software update' kiosk displays some info, asks me if I want to update. When I click 'yes' its copying the files but then it does nothing. Is there something im doing wrong, or maybe there are some minimal requirements for KPK v8.1 for example 1GB of RAM memory (for now there's 512MB installed in KIOSK im testing)
  3. HI guys, im new to this forum, and also newbie in printing stuff. In one of my clients lab, they've got Dell Optiplex PC with Win7, english version, 32-bit and Frontier DX-100 printer. One day, MS01 software stopped working. We tried to fix it, reinstall etc with the support from Fuji - nothing seemed to help. Then I restored the clean system using backup created few months ago. While installing Fuji software in order - ms01, ms16, then ms48, at the end, the 'Panda' software is stuck on 'TRYING [pc-name]". Sometimes it connects (takes looong time) but even then, when i launch MS01 software, it says 'Could not communicate with job database server on [pc-name]. i've tried everything, from launching all setups as admin, creating 'FRONTIER' user in Windows by myself (setup does it automatically if it doesn't exist), i've tried the same path for the few times in case i did something wrong, but now im out of ideas. any1 can help?