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  1. frisky2good


    Which country are you in?
  2. Send me a message on whatsapp. I have some slides I'm not using. +2348108887918
  3. Which country are you in?
  4. D-Lab 1 will never start if sorter is not initialized as far as I know
  5. Are you from South Africa?
  6. Check the PSUs for full output currents. Check the cable you adjusted the first time it happened. Add me on whatsapp so we can troubleshoot together. +2348108887918
  7. I'm happy you got your machine working. We can keep in touch on whatsapp if you don't mind. +2348108887918
  8. Put the old print engine back and reload the firmware
  9. frisky2good

    Agfa d-lab 1

    Check replenishment tank. If water is too much reduce it. Use your finger to move the water level sensor to see if it is stuck. Did you change position of the minilab?
  10. Check PS2 for power output. Send me a mail alafeafeez @ yahoo.com Remove the spaces
  11. I think the IPU motherboard has to match the current one you have.
  12. Search this forum for this error. You will get some suggestions.
  13. frisky2good

    Agfa Errors

    If anyone else has this error, it is from the PS2.
  14. Check all the LEDs on the right side where the power supply units are located. They must all be on
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