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  1. Hey, Thanks for your answer! When I use the HDD source and select my .RAW files, I get the error message "File too big — HD". The scans are MED so around 3000px on the wide side, for around 33Mb each. I tried to open the .raw with Adobe Photoshop, Irfanview and GIMP. Seems that this file format is quite unique...
  2. Hello, Due to an unfortunate chain of events, I would like to produce JPEG files from a film order that I scanned+printed a few days ago. I already tried to re-run it from the Processed tab, but I cannot check the digital output checkbox. However, I can print it again. I was able to successfully locate the .RAW files (33Mb for each file) and managed to export the order from EzController. Does someone have an idea on how I might re-run the order (but this time with a file export), or maybe process the .RAW files? Regards, F. Setup : QSS 3502+ with LS-1100 scanner.
  3. Hello, You are correct, it was not a green dot. I totally missed the point... sorry about that :(. Anyway, we ended swapping the green gun in the laser unit by another one from a similar laser unit. It does work! No more "Magenta Rain". Thank you for the recommandation regarding your products, we will keep it in mind for our future issues! Regards,
  4. Greetings, We have an issue here at the lab, with our QSS 3202 which gives us some greenish lines on greys. Please see attached picture. We tried to invert AOMs. Same result. Any advice that could help? Cheers, plix.
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