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  1. You can find Cie_tag.txt in your C:\Noritsukoki\Common\FBScanSetup\Data\Pf\Scn_Dir\ directory, the calibration routine will expect this file to be present in your c:\ root directory. If you don't have the original target, get some other it8.7 target (coloraid.de has them reasonably priced) and transfer the calibration data (XYZ columns) from that target data file to cie_tag.txt. Take special care to transfer the correct values for "skin" patches (placed in 20-22 indices of I-L lines on Kodak targets - sadly those are placed in other locations on coloraid targets).
  2. Thanks! I don't have a manual. I'm using latest Epson drivers on Win10 (64bit). Scanner works without problems with Epson Scan and Vuescan. But since flatbeds apparently can only be used for reflective materials in EZC I probably won't go chasing around for proper it8 target and troubleshooting why it throws up the error...
  3. OK, figured out that it wants cie_tag.txt in c:\ or in CD drive. I copied cie_tag.txt from C:\Noritsukoki\Common\FBScanSetup\Data\Pf\Scn_Dir\ and finished the calibration (I know, the data file is wrong for the it8 target I'm using for calibration...). I'm getting the 'Capturing communication error' when actually trying to preview or scan from flatbed scanner...
  4. I have Epson 4990. I created a virtual CD drive and put the .it8 file in it, but EZC says "The appropriate file was now found". I have a Coloraid IT8 target. Don't know if EZC is looking for data file in some other directory, needs calibration target data in some other format, or something else...?
  5. Anyone know what flatbed scanners can be used with EZ Controller? Thanks!
  6. brbo

    Fuji SP-500 XPan format

    Thanks! Unfortunately (or not) in the meantime I purchased Noritsu LS-600 scanner since the operator/owner of the SP-500 I was interested in didn't know how to do this...
  7. brbo

    Fuji SP-500 XPan format

    So, let me rephrase, is it possible to scan one frame with certain settings and transfer that exact settings to another frame(s). I could then scan left part of the frame with the same settings as the right part of the frame and merge two parts in Photoshop. I worry that Fuji software would invert and apply different colour rendition to left and right part (let say that the left part of the panoramic shot contains much brighter subjects/objects)... Any thoughts?
  8. Hi, this is my first post here! I'm considering getting a Fuji SP-500 and since I also shoot panoramic format in my Hasselblad XPan camera I'm trying to establish whether it is possible to scan this format (24x65mm) on SP-500? From the information I was able to gather so far, there is no built-in support for full panoramic format. Would it be possible to scanning one panoramic frame into two scans (left side and then right side of the pano frame)? I could the merge the two files in Photoshop. Thank you for your help and thoughts on this!
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