October 2018

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Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. tetenal chemicals cp 49 for fuji 7700 and 7200 (Can you recommend a supplier close to romania) problems with calibration I have a tinge of greenish yellow. thank you
  2. alex800

    help LED

    No I can’t:( can we speak by email ? cta.alex@gmail.com thanks
  3. alex800

    help LED

    yes , I have Check Video card, Chemicals, EC Board and yes I have work 10 years on my D lab 1
  4. alex800

    help LED

    I dont have an error ! that is strage, my exposed area is red without any picture. Thanks
  5. alex800

    help LED

    I would like some information about the agfa d lab 1 LED, who can calibrate it? or if you can help with buying a used LED, a distributor or a particular vendor, or a technician, I would appreciate