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  1. thank you, those are curved, and overlap 9x13,
  2. hello, someone can help me with a part number for the cross over rolls !! or even a part list book from processor section thank you !
  3. Thanks !! Only thr belt I need, i can change it.
  4. PleAse can enyone help me with the part list code Fuji LP 7700 Paper advance section thank you !! And if anyone have the partlist manual , I like to buy if is possible .
  5. Please can you help me with a part list manual for qss 37 ? I need the steel axe ! Thank you
  6. Please can anyone help me with spare part list manual for qss 37 or 7700 ? I need this spare part only the steel axe ! Thank you cta.alex@gmail.com
  7. I didn’t se creation date 🤣🤣
  8. Change AOM !!!!! Put original and calibrate all the paper and you will see.
  9. alex800

    lp7700 part list

    please someone can help me with a code list for the parts!
  10. tetenal chemicals cp 49 for fuji 7700 and 7200 (Can you recommend a supplier close to romania) problems with calibration I have a tinge of greenish yellow. thank you
  11. alex800

    help LED

    No I can’t:( can we speak by email ? cta.alex@gmail.com thanks
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