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  1. Hello! Our main profile is photography. I'm currently printing at a local lab, but there is big vulnerability. That's why I'm thinking about my own printer. Thanks for the advice!
  2. 123/5000 Hello! There is a 1 + 1 year warranty in Hungary. I have a small studio. About 10000-15000 prints per year ... I'm scared to buy it. The defective tool is too expensive (4300 usd). But the traditional lab is too big for me. And I do not trust the thermal print (Mitshubishi, Citizen, etc.) This is my problem...
  3. Thanks! This news avoided my attention.
  4. Hello! I am interested in the Epson d700 printer, but I find a lot of bad things about it. I have no experience, but in de100 the 4 colors are very few. Anyone know the Noritsu QSS Smart dr-08, dr-012 printer? Does it have anything to do with Epson? How much is it? etc. ... http://www.noritsu.eu/hardware/noritsu-qss-smart.html
  5. Hello! I want to buy an Epson d700 printer, but I read many printhead errors. Did you experience this? We are a small studio. We make 10000-15000 prints a year. If I buy the d700 or the dx100, I could use it for a few years without worrying.

  6. Helló! Epson d700 nyomtatót akarok vásárolni, de sok nyomtatófej hibát olvastam. Ezt tapasztalta? Egy kis stúdió vagyunk. Évente 10000-15000 képet nyomtatunk. Ha megveszem a d700-at vagy a dx100-at, pár évig használhatnám anélkül, hogy aggódnék ...

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