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  1. what is the short form for the software? What directory will I find it in. Thanks in advance David Everitt
  2. When I changed the IP from a # (not the actual number) to a 192.168.10.# the auto run disappeared.. both the workstation and the printer are on the same network (they see each other) now but the auto run does not come up.
  3. on the printer.. changed it to work with my network.. the work station I see where that changes. what are the limitations for ip addresses?
  4. Help... I purchased a Konica Minolta R1 Minilab from a photo shop that closed in town.. I needed to get the system on my network which I was able to do by changing the IP address but now I cannot get the unit to auto run the software.. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you in advance.
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