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  1. I see now that the power head cleaning 2 option is available once I enter the password. I performed the power head cleaning 2 but it was interrupted by an error message stating that there is an issue with the yellow ink cartridge. The cartridge is completely full and brand new. The nozzle pattern tests are coming out the same. I have also tried the other power head cleaning option but still no results.
  2. When I type F1 and F9 and enter the password 2260, nothing happens. The menu to type in the password appears, but when I type in the password and click OK nothing happens. I assume another menu is supposed to pop up...
  3. I have a Noritsu D1005 that started showing yellowish lines across all prints. When doing a nozzle pattern check, there are severe pattern breaks on at least two sections. I have done many head cleanings but the nozzle check looks the same. In fact, after coming back to it after a day the two sections with the worst breaks in pattern are not showing up at all. I am assuming that there are some clogged nozzles and would like to try and perform a power head cleaning if possible, but I am not sure how to do this. Are there any other options for cleaning the print head other than the standard head cleaning?
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