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Jalal Bilal

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  1. Noritsu 2901 : Error: 6903-0001 serial communication

    Please what is the reason for this error, the color meter working in other printer, the serial cable also, the power supplies related are also good , i think needs to install win 2000 and QSS software , so please any one tells me in steps the QSS software installation , thank u
    1. kodak_service


      First check the lighting of LED1-LED3 on Colorimeter Control PCB  J390551.

    2. Jalal Bilal

      Jalal Bilal

      They are working

    3. kodak_service


      Usually in such a situation it is enough to swap the numbering of the com- port 1 and the com 2 in the settings of Win2000.
      If you do not know how, then you need to install everything again. To do this, you must have a recovery CD (original) and software System Programs and Profile Date .